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PSC Holds Public Hearing About Grain Belt Express

“We have an obligation to each other to do what’s right. We do not have an obligation to do the bidding of wolves in sheeps clothing. Someone who makes promises, but often false promises and loves you when you yield, but threatens and intimidates and sues when you say no.” Clinton County Commissioner Larry King summed up the feelings of most of the witnesses during his testimony when he said, “Just say no to Grain Belt Express.”
14 Dec 2016

Wind energy firms sue county

NextEra and the other companies said they received a special use permit six years ago to develop the project. That agreement, however, has since been terminated by the zoning panel, the document added. The firms said they have continued efforts to obtain leases for the construction, and that a subsequent application also was rejected.
28 Oct 2016

PSC approves DeKalb County wind farm application

The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an application which grants Transource Missouri, LLC a certificate of convenience and necessity to own, operate and maintain a switch station in DeKalb County that will connect the Osborn Wind Energy Center with Transource Missouri’s Nebraska City-Mullin Creek-Sibley transmission line.
7 Oct 2016

Adair County group looking to expand wind turbine project

Over the past nine years, 10 wind turbines have been erected in Adair and Cass counties, providing the local communities with power and an added tax base. Project organizers are now looking at Ringgold and Clarke counties as possible locations to expand that project before tax credits run out at the end of 2017.
16 Aug 2016

County issues cease and desist to NextEra crews

The disagreement between the two sides hinges on the interpretation of the road’s ownership and maintenance. Clinton County maintains N.W. Platte Road while DeKalb County maintains N.E. Platte Road. NextEra contends their road use agreement with DeKalb County covers the entirety of Platte Road, both east and west of Highway 33, and any needed maintenance or repair that might result from its use.
11 Aug 2016

Crucial months ahead for wind energy issue

Once the hearings are complete, it will be up to the zoning commission to use the information and formulate the amendments they wish to propose. The amendments previously proposed by Concerned Citizens and Shatto Milk could be used as a guide, approved in part or full, tweaked or even tossed aside.
5 Aug 2016

Zoning hears testimony on noise, setbacks

Concerned Citizens for the Future of Clinton and DeKalb Counties, which is joined by Shatto Milk Company in their support for stricter wind energy regulations, presented two expert witnesses before the zoning commission on Thursday afternoon – Kevon Martis and Robert Rand. Both offered their testimony under various objections from Polsinelli’s Seth Wright, who served as the lead legal counsel on NextEra’s side.
14 Jul 2016

Process begins for hearings in wind turbine debate

For nearly seven hours on the evening of Thursday, June 16 – and then into the small hours of Friday morning – the Clinton County Planning and Zoning Commission heard testimony and evidence concerning three areas of wind turbine siting and operations: decommissioning, shadow flicker and blade glint.
23 Jun 2016

Wind power project prepares for second round

Armed with a growing list of endorsements and agreements intended to show their wind power transmission line project will benefit Missouri taxpayers and utility customers, the Grain Belt Express Clean Line is gearing up for a second attempt to gain regulatory approval in the state. ...Block Grain Belt Express already has held two public meetings to rally continued opposition to the project. 
21 Jun 2016

Schedule presented for wind presentations

The planning and zoning commission is currently working under a moratorium on all wind energy permit applications to the county, which will expire in December, or sooner should planning and zoning resolve the issue before then. Any amendments approved by planning and zoning would then go on to the Clinton County Commissioners, who would need to sign off on those amendments.
10 Jun 2016
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