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Adair County group looking to expand wind turbine project

Over the past nine years, 10 wind turbines have been erected in Adair and Cass counties, providing the local communities with power and an added tax base. Project organizers are now looking at Ringgold and Clarke counties as possible locations to expand that project before tax credits run out at the end of 2017.
16 Aug 2016

County issues cease and desist to NextEra crews

The disagreement between the two sides hinges on the interpretation of the road’s ownership and maintenance. Clinton County maintains N.W. Platte Road while DeKalb County maintains N.E. Platte Road. NextEra contends their road use agreement with DeKalb County covers the entirety of Platte Road, both east and west of Highway 33, and any needed maintenance or repair that might result from its use.
11 Aug 2016

Wind project generates concerns about birds

Tradewind Energy based in Lenexa, Kansas, is planning to build around 150 wind turbines that are about 500 feet tall as part of the Rock Creek Wind Project covering 30,000 acres of land. The turbines will be placed between the city of Tarkio in the center of the county and Tarkio Prairie Conservation Area in the eastern part of the county.
14 Nov 2015

Residents on both sides of wind farm proposal

“We probably wouldn’t have bought (land) if we’d known it (the wind farm) might be something right outside the window,” said Ron Hayter, a property owner in Colfax Township. “It’s not fair how it’s being handled, especially when three of the four zoning board people having contracts.”
19 Sep 2015

Turbine opponents cram zoning meeting to hear Shatto

Nearly 90 people crammed into the community room of the Clinton County Courthouse last Thursday evening, not to see the county’s Planning and Zoning board rule on an issue, but to hear the opinion of perhaps the county’s most prominent business. ...In July, the Planning and Zoning Board denied a request from Tower Associates – a subsidiary of NextEra Energy – to build and operate meteorological test towers in northern Clinton County. Since that decision, Tower Associates or Next Era have yet to file an appeal with the county.
10 Sep 2015

Turbines due close review

The wind farm could bring economic vitality to the county ...Local landowners would profit from having a turbine on their property. These gains, however, must be balanced against potential losses. Squaw Creek and hunting bring thousands of visitors to the county each year. Forfeiting those benefits could end up costing more than the wind farm would generate.
10 Aug 2014

Wind farm fight continues in court

After a year of dispute, the Dekalb County Assessor and Wind Capital Group have taken their arguments to the courtroom. The dispute is over assessed tax rates on 97 wind turbines in the Lost Creek Wind Energy project in Dekalb County.
1 Nov 2012

Dispute still stands as Wind Capital pays up

The company is disputing Ms. Ross' assessed property tax value of about $297,000 per wind turbine, an amount she came to when using a formula created by former Wind Capital Group CEO Tom Carnahan. Assessors in several other counties in Northwest Missouri with wind farms have told the News-Press they used the same formula as Holt County, without conflict.
23 Dec 2011

Full steam ahead on wind farm development

After receiving support from the business community, public and school districts, the plan to create an Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) in Adair County will move forward. This step will clear the way for Trade Wind Energy to proceed in developing and installing a wind turbine farm on parts of Adair and Sullivan counties. The application for the EEZ must now be approved by the County Commission and then the Missouri Department of Economic Development.
10 Mar 2010

Farmer, landowner support for proposed Benton County wind farm growing

As a proposal for a 300-megawatt wind farm in northern Benton County continues to gain support from local farmers, a state environmental group has expressed concerns about the potential impact on wildlife habitat the operation could have in the area. About 50 farmers and landowners in northern Benton County agreed this month to pursue the development of a 300-megawatt wind farm that would install between 100 and 125 wind turbines on their properties.
28 Feb 2010
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