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City wind power nearer reality

Wind power, however, will not come without cost - 50 percent more at current rates. Water and Light estimates it now pays about $40 per megawatt hour for traditionally generated power. With wind power, that cost rises to about $60 per megawatt hour.
6 Aug 2006

Wind farm starts to take shape in northwest Missouri

The $70 million project is a venture of Wind Capital Group, with financing from John Deere Wind Energy of Johnston, Iowa, a division of the Deere & Co. farm equipment manufacturer. Springfield-based Associated Electric Cooperative is to distribute the electricity through its network of cooperatives
2 Jul 2006

Not all power plant truths are convenient

Around 225 CU customers have chosen to have their electric needs supplied by a wind farm in Kansas. They pay about twice as much for electric power as other CU customers. But there's no way wind could supply electricity for everyone in Springfield. We would have a lot of hours in the year with no power if we did that, Twitty said. Of course, a blackout is one way to conserve.
31 May 2006

Turbine being built at Crowder College

NEOSHO, Mo. - Even on its side, lying in pieces, the thing is huge. Upright, it will dominate the skyline at Crowder College, towering over a small village of solar homes and the Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Center that also will be built there.
25 Jan 2006
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