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Missouri’s largest wind farm is idle at night for fear of killing endangered animals

“To be clear, the High Prairie Wind Farm has been curtailed from before dusk to after dawn since April 19, 2021,” Geoff Marke, chief economist for the Missouri Office of the Public Counsel said in sworn testimony filed last week with the Missouri Public Service Commission. Ameren halted night operations for several weeks this spring after four bats, which are nocturnal, and 52 birds, including a bald eagle, were discovered dead on the property, according to a report submitted to federal wildlife officials.
9 Sep 2021

As Kansas, Missouri keep building wind, some communities look to regulate

Last year, NextEra added 120 turbines in neighboring Nemaha County, Kansas, surrounding Centralia and Corning. That neighboring wind farm, which began operations in 2020, was a warning to some residents of Marshall County, who say the looming turbines, blinking red lights, engine humming and whooshing sounds when the blades rotate past the turbine’s tower will diminish their quality of life.
30 May 2021

German company leases 12,000 acres for planned wind farm near Harrisburg

RWE could technically apply to rezone the land it has leased from agricultural to light industrial use. Florea said that would put more of a burden on RWE to get public input from local landowners than waiting for the county to develop rules. Since there’s no specific language in Boone County ordinances about wind turbines, he added, qualifying them as light industrial would be a “judgment call” based on similar land uses in that category.
11 Oct 2020

Appeals court backs sale of controversial wind energy line in Missouri

A state appeals court ruled in favor of a controversial wind electricity project Tuesday, putting the Grain Belt Express transmission line another step closer to construction. The project, which has been tied up in legal and legislative challenges for years, will carry wind-generated power from Kansas to Indiana on a 780-mile-long transmission line that includes eight northern Missouri counties.
7 Jul 2020

Invenergy abandons wind turbine plan in Barry County

Invenergy, the renewable energy company exploring a wind turbine project in northern Barry County, has opted against pursuing further development. “Invenergy has decided to change course in Barry County,” said Meredith Jeffrey, manager of renewable development for Invenergy, in a statement to The Times. The Monett Times first revealed the company’s plans in April 2019.
10 Jun 2020

County commissioners ban commercial wind energy

The Buchanan County Commission approved and adopted a recommendation from the county's Planning and Zoning Commission to incorporate a total commercial wind energy ban Thursday. The Planning and Zoning Commission held a work session on Feb. 19  and recommended the total ban by a vote of 8-4. 
12 Mar 2020

Missouri county is a step closer to banning wind energy projects

Friends of Buchanan County argued wind power turbines made for a poor fit in a densely-populated county. It advocated a ban, but also gathered more than 700 signatures on petitions that called for a mile setback from property lines for commercial wind developments if the county did adopt regulations, a requirement which would have been difficult for any wind energy company to meet.
20 Feb 2020

Grain Belt Express power line gets thumbs down in Missouri House

The Missouri House endorsed a plan Monday designed to stop a company from building a high-voltage electric transmission line across the northern part of the state. ...“The basis for this legislation is to stop any entity from having the power of eminent domain for the purpose of constructing an above-ground power line,” said Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Frankford, who sponsored the proposal.
27 Jan 2020

Residents vent opinions on wind turbines

One after another, residents opposed to the measure — and the notion of wind energy for Buchanan County — took to the podium to decry the technology as despoiling the rural landscape. Retired Platte County judge Abe Shafer moderated the hearing, outlining a series of guidelines for each speaker to follow.
17 Jan 2020

New lawsuit filed, one dismissed near Osborn Wind Project

Florida-based NextEra Energy Resources dropped its lawsuit against the Clinton County Commission on Friday, one business day before trial. ...Meanwhile, the company asked a judge to immediately rule in a lawsuit the company filed in 2017 against Washington Township, one of nine small jurisdictions in DeKalb County, just north of Clinton County.
6 Jan 2020

Energy company drops wind farm lawsuit against Clinton County

The dismissal of the case means the county ordinance will remain in effect and a wind farm cannot be constructed. Wright said the company had no comment on the dismissal. Shaw said that his clients, from the beginning of public hearings on the issue, laid out a legal framework for their case for the ordinance.
6 Jan 2020

Eminent domain should be used rarely

Just a few days ago we saw a serious blow dealt to the rights of property owners as the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District ruled in favor of allowing the Grain Belt Express to move forward. This project would allow an out-of-state private company to utilize eminent domain to seize land in eight counties across Missouri, including Buchanan County, in order to build a power line that would transmit energy to parts of our state, but primarily to customers outside our borders. The bottom line is the project would cause Missouri citizens to lose their land so a private company could increase its profits. 
28 Dec 2019

County sets wind hearings

The Buchanan County Commission has set dates in mid-January for two public hearings concerning a proposed wind energy ordinance. Officials have said such a document is a necessary precursor, with a Florida firm expressing its potential interest in constructing a wind farm in the county.
26 Dec 2019
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