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Fairmont area residents voice opinions over proposed high voltage transmission lines

Ray Kirsch, the Environmental Review Manager of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, says, "It's because there's a lot of power in this area, including wind power and to utilize that power it has to be able to be moved." And conditional power generation that is dependent upon environmental conditions, such as power created from wind turbines, creates areas of congestion on the current electrical grid.
25 Apr 2014

Power line route draws residents' ire

Robin and Dave Heinen moved to the country three months ago with a dream of raising their children closer to the land. They bought 35 acres in Brockway Township and a few calves and chickens. They began planning a garden. They watched wild turkeys and deer behind their barn. Just a few weeks later, they learned that a high-voltage power line might run along their property line.
21 Jan 2010

Minnesota Power transmission line

MN Power has increased its rates due in part to try and meet a state mandate. Minnesota energy producers must generate 25 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. So, MN power purchased a $70 million dollar transmission line that will eventually switch from coal to wind energy. One MN Power customer feels that her rates shouldn't have increased.
4 Jan 2010

Wind power could hamper state's transmission grid, study says

Minnesota's power grid would bump up against its limits fairly quickly if wind power developers started building bunches of small wind projects scattered across the state, according to a new study released Tuesday by the state Office of Energy Security. The study looked at whether the transmission system could absorb 600 megawatts of renewable energy from projects that generate between 10 megawatts and 40 megawatts of power.
15 Sep 2009
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