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Wind turbine owner forces statewide review of utilities' tacked-on fees

Now, the worry by Miller and other renewable energy advocates is that anyone considering solar or wind power won’t invest until it’s clear what, if any, extra fees they’ll have to pay their utility. ...The fears of fees as high as $85 stem from an Iowa cooperative utility’s proposal to significantly increase charges to customers who install new solar or wind generators.
13 Aug 2015

State waives $625K in taxes for wind turbine manufacturer

The free pass from the typically hard-nosed state tax collection agency provoked local officials, who raised concerns over the secretive process. “We got a letter back just stating that they (Department of Revenue) granted the waiver, but no reason why,” said Stout. “And then, when we called to find out, they wouldn’t tell us and said it was confidential. We just really thought it was not a good deal.”
6 Feb 2015

Tripp wind farm project faces delay

Construction of a wind farm near Tripp is being delayed at least six to eight weeks because of investors' uncertainty in the wind industry's production tax credit. ...Paul Bachman, executive director of the South Dakota Wind Energy Association, said a bill to renew the tax credit is in the Senate, but isn't expected to be acted on until after the November elections.
6 Jun 2014

Strip mining Minnesota ratepayers

Energy_bill_cartoon-final_05_14_13_thumb The State of Minnesota is considering a bill that would increase the State's renewable mandate to 40% including a 10% solar carve-out. The bill is in conference but it appears rural legislators in both parties are reluctant to pass it through. Cartoonist Marie McNamara created this political cartoon to emphasize the mentality of lobbyists at the Capitol and the effect of the 40% mandate on Minnesota rate payers and businesses.
17 May 2013

Southeast Minnesota wind-power project to air eagle protection plan

An embattled wind energy project proposed for rural Goodhue County is getting another chance to show state regulators that it is taking adequate precautions to avoid killing nearby nesting bald eagles. ...The commission also will consider whether the project can keep its status as a community-based project. A PUC staff report recommended the commission show why status should not be revoked.
28 Feb 2013

Let wind subsidy elapse

At some point, Democrats need to give in on this "green jobs" pitch. Extending the subsidy is a jobs-killer. Government doesn't pick winners and losers well, yet the wind subsidy certainly picks a winner. In doing so, it also picks losers (and many more losers than winners) by transferring billions of dollars away from more-effective job producers.
17 Dec 2012

Will wind tax credit blow away?

U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., favors extending the production tax credit, known as PTC. But he struggles to find a scenario in which a majority of his colleagues in the Republican-controlled House will agree. "Wind energy is way down the list of priorities [of tax breaks] for extensions," Peterson said. "I just don't see how this gets done." Among those who don't support the extension is Minnesota Republican Rep. John Kline.
16 Dec 2012

Stimulus funding for controversial wind farm up in air

An initiative led by Congressman John Kline (MN-R) would do more than terminate the federal stimulus renewable energy program that funded the bankrupt $535 million notorious Solyndra solar power project. If successful, it would also knock the wind out of a key funding source for one of the nation's most controversial wind projects -T. Boone Pickens' proposed $180 million AWA Goodhue Wind farm in Kline's congressional district.
16 Dec 2011

Counties deal with tax issues on turbines

This is the first in a series of stories about wind turbines and their impact on the rural landscape. Future articles will look at projects coming to Nobles and Jackson counties and the impact wind farms have on our region's transportation system. A couple of years ago, Murray County collected more than $1 million in production tax revenue from the wind turbines that span the horizon along the Buffalo Ridge.
11 Nov 2009

House whips up new wind-tax plan

Austin Democrats are hammering out a compromise with party leadership that would boost wind tax revenue for townships at the expense of school districts. Reps. Robin Brown and Jeanne Poppe have been fighting to restore a wind tax benefit for schools set to expire on July 1. Last year, Minnesota schools received $146,000 from the wind energy production tax.
17 Apr 2009

Southern Minnesota schools' windmill windfall is at risk; Tax benefit expiring under new law

The Sargeant, Minn., resident said many of his fellow farmers signed agreements to have the wind turbines on their property, thinking they were helping their local school districts. But starting July 1, those dollars will no longer mean a boost in local school funding. And that has Gronseth upset. "The more I talked to people about this I just said, 'Enough is enough.' So I offered to help," he said.
22 Mar 2009

Making Juhl the little wind farm that could

The wind-energy boom has been seeded by federal and state tax credits that generally are most beneficial for wealthy investors, partnerships and corporations who might have unrelated income to offset. The federal stimulus bill appears to allow the tax benefits to be claimed by such a taxable pool, increasing profits and dividends to a lot of smaller owners, said Lee Schafer, director of investment banking at Northland.
21 Feb 2009

Wind energy industry anxious over tax credit

How big a deal is two cents? Well, it's a big deal if you're trying to produce wind energy. A federal production tax credit of 1.9 cents per kilowatt hour is set to expire at the end of the year. Wind energy producers generally expect lawmakers to renew the credit, but Congress has yet to act. With time running out, the wind power industry is scrambling. ...Xcel's Frank Prager said the end of the tax credit on December 31, is rippling through the wind industry. He said many U.S. companies are rushing to finish projects before the deadline.
28 Aug 2008

Veto of wind energy proposal ‘disappointing'

During the last night of the 2008 Minnesota Legislative session, Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed the wind energy production tax revenue proposal for Minnesota's rural school districts. Pawlenty held a gun to the head - figuratively speaking - of legislators, threatening to veto the property tax relief bill if the wind energy production tax revenue provision was in the bill. "I was in Southland that day visiting with Gary Kuphal for our regular superintendents' meeting," Brown recalled. "Here I was driving up and down Mower County roads and everywhere I went there were wind turbines, generating electricity from the wind. "When I heard the news, I literally got sick to my stomach," Brown said. "Districts like Grand Meadow and Southland were about to lose again."
30 May 2008
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