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Falling ice from wind turbine worries family near proposed project

Days after several Freeborn County wind turbines had to be shut down after a chunk of ice fell off a blade and landed on a passing semi truck, a family whose home lies within feet of the proposed Freeborn Wind Farm project said they're concerned about something similar happening at their home. ..."I'm sorry but [...] there's no amount of money that's enough comfort for my kids being put in harm's way," he said.
26 Feb 2018

Pilot Killed While Spraying Crops In Southwest Minnesota

After the plane struck the wire, the cable wrapped around power lines, prompting Xcel to temporarily shut off power to the wind turbines.  While crews repair the damage, federal investigators will work to piece together what led up to the crash that claimed the life of a veteran pilot, once honored by the FAA for his safe flying record.
19 Aug 2016

Minnesota farm awarded record $6.3M in ‘stray voltage’ lawsuit

Crow Wing Power of Brainerd was negligent in its response to a northern Minnesota farm family’s concerns about stray voltage on their property, a Cass County jury ruled Friday. The jury awarded Randy and Peggy Norman $4.8 million in economic loss damages and $1.5 million in nuisance damages for a total of $6.3 million, the largest amount ever awarded in a stray voltage case in state history, according to the Normans’ attorneys.
25 Oct 2014

Repairs stall some turbines at Grand Meadow wind farm

"We're seeing some steel quality issues in the gearboxes that we have. They're just not holding up as long as they should." Of the 67 General Electric 1.5 megawatt turbines near Dexter, 46 were classified as follows: • 32 were dubbed "unusual/monitor." • 12 were noted "abnormal/repair expected eventually." • Two were called "abnormal/repair required."
26 Oct 2012

MPCA fines Suzlon wind rotor firm $490,000

While capturing wind energy with Suzlon's giant wind turbine blades didn't pollute, the manufacturer of the equipment did, according to a consent agreement between Suzlon and the MPCA that was filed in Pipestone County District Court. The agreement detailed violations involving air quality, hazardous waste, solid waste and the handling of storm water runoff.
5 Aug 2011

Minnesota wind energy firm faces $378,000 fine

The technician suffered third-degree burns in the accident at the Iberdrola Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Farm near Odell, Ill. An investigation by OSHA found Outland didn't ensure technicians placed locks and tags on ground-level switches. A worker flipped a switch, energizing a transformer while the technician was working 350 feet above.
19 Apr 2011

Wind farm officials emphasize safety; Landowners meet with Bent Tree representatives

Safety was the main theme of a meeting Thursday for landowners involved in the Bent Tree Wind Farm project. For instance, even though some work will be done on landowners' private property, they aren't allowed on the construction site. If they call ahead and ask they may be allowed to see some parts. "This is your land and we respect that," said Bent Tree construction manager Tim Shugart.
16 Apr 2010

Faulty wind turbines costly to Minnesota family

With their organic gardens and ample land, Andy and Jessie Welsh had the perfect plan. Living in rural Stearns County, the young couple had hoped to be energy self-sufficient and green. ...From the start, the installation was delayed and marked by setbacks. Electricians had a hard time getting the turbine wired to run properly. When it finally did, the turbine ran for just a few days before they received a call from the company instructing them to shut it down.
15 Sep 2009
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