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Is Wind Power Living Up To Potential?

The report written for the Center of the American Experiment concluded that Minnesota has lost is lower-than-average electricity cost, carbon dioxide is not dropping as state policy intended and more than $10 billion has been spent on wind farms that do not save money or reduce pollution.
11 Oct 2017

Wind projects winding down in Minnesota

Four currently proposed wind energy projects, including Paynesville, have been notified their permits could be revoked due to lack of progress. For the first time in years, the PUC has no pending wind projects under consideration. ...The slowdown in wind energy development follows what one industry analyst calls a “wind bubble” generated by federal stimulus funding and the production tax credit.
16 Jun 2015

Minnesota could face bigger carbon-reduction hurdle

Minnesota Power, the state’s third-largest power company, is concerned that more than $800 million in wind power investments appear to be credited to North Dakota, where the wind farms were built, rather than to Minnesota, where the power is delivered. “We just don’t like the fact that Minnesota seems to have gotten very little credit
21 Jun 2014

Border battle: ND refuses to pay millions in MN renewable energy bills

North Dakota officials grudgingly looked the other way as Minnesota regulators continued to approve more of what they viewed as inefficient renewable energy projects. Those projects increased the utility bills of Xcel’s 80,000 customers — from Fargo to Minot — by an estimated $5.7 million a year. The systemwide cost for ratepayers is about $92 million.
16 Apr 2014

Wind power requirement proposal goes to state lawmakers

Xcel opposes both the solar standard and the increase to 40 percent renewables by 2030, Regional Vice President Laura McCarten said. "We really would be concerned about arbitrarily setting a new higher level without having gone through a more thoughtful assessment of what the implications are." If Xcel relies more on wind energy, it would have to spend more money to make sure everyone gets enough power on windless days.
24 Apr 2013

Minnesota's renewable energy objectives are both arbitrary and impractical

The Renewable Energy Objectives in Minnesota Statute 216B call for public utilities to get 25 percent of their energy from renewable technology by 2025. Eligible renewable technologies include wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric. The impact of this impractical legislation can be seen by showing its effect on a utility like Minnesota Power, which serves northeastern Minnesota.
7 Jan 2011

North Dakota, Minnesota fight over clean energy could get dirty

Stenehjem argues that Minnesota's restrictive laws on carbon emissions violate the U.S. Constitution's commerce clause, which bars states from interfering in other states' commerce. Minnesota is free to impose whatever restrictions it wishes on its own power plants but runs afoul of the commerce clause when extending those restrictions on other states, Stenehjem said.
6 Dec 2010

First draft of Goodhue County's new wind regulations proves unpopular

Both sides of the wind energy debate got their initial look at the first draft of the updated zoning ordinance last week. Neither side expressed any satisfaction with the changes Tuesday during a Planning Advisory Commission subcommittee meeting. Proposals included restricting the number of hours per year a dwelling could experience shadow flicker from a turbine and setting a noise level cap.
23 Jun 2010

Goodhue Wind's C-BED status questioned by two townships

The drama surrounding local wind farms has taken numerous twists and turns over the past few years, but some have begun to take action after feeling their words weren't getting through. Belle Creek Township decided Monday to urge the Goodhue County Board to rescind its resolution of support for C-BED (Community-Based Energy Development) status for the Goodhue Wind project.
16 Jun 2010
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