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Birds ground Xcel wind deal

On the plains of North Dakota, two rare birds have sparked an unusual fight between giant energy companies that have long worked as partners. The battle erupted over the endangered whooping crane, which migrates through the state, and the piping plover, a threatened species on the northern plains.
6 Apr 2011

Questions over canceled wind farm

The decision to scrap the project apparently came as a surprise to enXco. Its parent company, EDF Energies Nouvelles of France, issued a statement Tuesday that disputed Xcel's reasons. It said that enXco would continue to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to mitigate threats to endangered species.
6 Apr 2011

Bills introduced to toughen wind farm requirements

The first proposal would prohibit wind turbines from being built within a half mile of a homeowner's property line in a township ...The second bill would no longer allow larger wind farms to qualify for Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED) status. That status allows wind companies to charge utilities premium rates for the energy they produce.
5 Mar 2011

Judge allows commissioners to forgo wind depositions

A judge has allowed two Goodhue County officials to forgo depositions in a case regarding the county's wind turbine ordinance. ...Goodhue Wind attorneys wrote in a response Monday, prior to the judge's protective order, that they asked for the depositions because the county had decided not to call any of the commissioners as witnesses in the case.
25 Feb 2011

Lawsuit won't stop turbine project

The judge's order doesn't stop the project from moving forward, said David Hvistendahl, co-counsel for the defendants. ...[However] "It is not in the defendants' best interest to erect the turbines during the pendency of this matter. If the court were to find in the plaintiffs' favor, defendants may be forced to remove the turbines, and incur not only the cost of erection, but the cost of removal," wrote the judge.
12 Feb 2011

Judge orders wind opponents to disclose addresses

Carol Overland, attorney for Goodhue Wind Truth, said the request was an attempt to intimidate members and did not fall into the narrow scope of the case. Chuck Burdick of Goodhue Wind, however, said the information would help the company determine a better layout for the project site since the opponents would likely not allow the project on their land.
7 Feb 2011

Fickle turbine winds

As a wind-turbine factory in Pipestone, Minn., lays off most of its workers, competitors in South Dakota and Iowa are booming. ...The stark differences among the three Midwestern manufacturers show how business can blow hot and cold in what is still a young and growing wind-power industry.
29 Dec 2010

Second wind for controversial Goodhue turbine?

Last month, executives for Minneapolis-based National Wind LLC expressed grave concerns about the project's status because a federal grant program that would bring in $37 million was scheduled to expire this year. But extending the $18 billion renewable energy grant program through 2011 could give the AWA Goodhue Wind LLC project new life.
22 Dec 2010

Wind turbine project unexpectedly stalled

County officials said they received a letter Monday from Medin Renewable Energy, withdrawing the request for the CUP that would allow construction to begin on the turbines. Officials at Medin Renewable Energy, of Gro Wind LLC, said the landowner of the current site wants to sell the property.
15 Dec 2010

DEED's McElroy weighs in on wind farm in Goodhue County

Dan McElroy, head of the Department of Employment and Economic Development, sent a letter Dec. 8 expressing his "strongest support" for a 78-megawatt wind project that he says could have a significant economic impact. ...A DEED spokesman said that the commissioner routinely offers letters of support for projects that have an economic impact, but he wasn't sure whether McElroy was aware of National Wind's employment estimates.
14 Dec 2010

Questions linger about wind project

Stearns County residents should attend an important public hearing Tuesday to express their questions and concerns about large-scale wind turbine projects, the tax dollars that subsidize them, and their possible detrimental impacts on people, animals and the environment.
13 Dec 2010

Mandamus trips up wind turbine development

A county judge ordered a writ of mandamus earlier this month, which could force Rice County officials to re-notify dozens of individuals affected by the proposed construction of wind turbines in Northfield Township - and delay any county action on turbine construction approval.
27 Nov 2010
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