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Pilot Killed While Spraying Crops In Southwest Minnesota

After the plane struck the wire, the cable wrapped around power lines, prompting Xcel to temporarily shut off power to the wind turbines.  While crews repair the damage, federal investigators will work to piece together what led up to the crash that claimed the life of a veteran pilot, once honored by the FAA for his safe flying record.
19 Aug 2016

Minnesota wind energy firm faces $378,000 fine

The technician suffered third-degree burns in the accident at the Iberdrola Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Farm near Odell, Ill. An investigation by OSHA found Outland didn't ensure technicians placed locks and tags on ground-level switches. A worker flipped a switch, energizing a transformer while the technician was working 350 feet above.
19 Apr 2011

Fatal accident points out transport challenge

A broadside accident occurred Wednesday in St. Cloud between an oversized-load truck carrying wind turbine parts and a minivan, resulting in one death. Millard and Shirlee Nelson of South Haven were heading north at the intersection of Highway 15 and Second Street about to turn left. ...The number-one thing MnDOT can do in wind turbine transportation is ensure the public's safety on the roads, Coulianos said. Coulianos also said for the three and a half years he's worked for MnDOT, this is the first fatality he's known involving transportation of wind turbines. "This is what we plan not to happen," Coulianos said. "This is very serious to us."
25 Sep 2008
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