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PSC allows wind farm transmission line, pipeline pumps

Separately, the commission on Wednesday gave regulatory approval for FPL Energy to build an electric substation and 532-foot stretch of new power line in Oliver County. The utility is developing a wind turbine farm near Center. When completed, the wind development will use 22 turbines to generate 50 megawatts of electricity, which is being sold to Minnesota Power of Duluth. The power line and substation are needed to transmit the energy east, Commissioner Susan Wefald said.
24 Aug 2006

Wind power windfall

Minnesota trails only California, Texas and Iowa in current wind energy capacity. The state has 744 megawatts of installed power, enough to serve up to 223,000 homes, according to the American Wind Energy Association. The future for wind energy looks bright, but a number of factors — including manufacturing shortages, government regulations and not-in-my-backyard sentiment — are casting shadows over the industry.
22 Aug 2006

Government gives green light for Minnesota wind project

AUSTIN, Minn. - The federal government has given the green light to a major wind energy project near Austin that had been held up over concerns that it might interfere with military radar systems. Construction crews began building the first of 43 wind generators near Austin this month after FPL Energy received a "determination of no hazard" letter last month from the Federal Aviation Administration.
20 Aug 2006

There's profit in the wind

A mix of federal and tax incentives, not to mention high fuel prices, are drawing local investors into the wind market. The federal government, for instance, offers a 1.9 cents-per-killowatt hour tax credit; in Minnesota, the state offers another1.5 cent credit. Small investors in Minnesota can negotiate with utility companies for further production credits. According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, one or two turbines can generate profits of $100,000 per year, once the capital expenditures are paid off.
22 Jul 2006

New upgrade to state's power grid proposed

ST. PAUL, Minn. - An upgrade of the state's power grid would include a $600 million high-voltage transmission line from the South Dakota border to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area - and that's just part of the plan proposed by a coalition of utility companies. The plan also calls for a second high-voltage line from Fargo, N.D., to the St. Cloud area, a third line from the Minneapolis-area to Rochester and then to La Crosse, Wis., and a smaller fourth line in the Bemidji area.
10 Jun 2006

Kicking Oil Addiction: Minnesota Becomes First State to Endorse an Electric-Alcohol Strategy

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has signed into law H.F. 3718, the nation’s first law promoting plug-in hybrid, flexible-fueled vehicles. The legislation – inspired by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance's report A Better Way that proposed an electricity-alcohol transportation energy strategy, and several articles by ILSR staff published in the Star Tribune in late 2005 – sailed through both houses by a unanimous vote.
8 Jun 2006

AAA, or assiduous acronym avoidance

Voegeli eventually drifted back to an acronym-littered update. “We need a CUP for the PUC,” he said, meaning that the turbine needs a conditional use permit before the Public Utilities Commission, which oversees Xcel Energy, will vote on approving any agreement.
27 May 2006

Which way will wind blow on turbine proposal?

Winona County’s economic development authority revealed several more details and funding proposals for a proposed 2-megawatt turbine during a work session Tuesday, as preparations move toward a vote on final approval later this year. The county board will be asked next Tuesday to approve $48,000 to complete studies for the turbine.
22 Mar 2006
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