Documents from Michigan

USA Massachusetts Michigan Ambrose: Courts Uphold Wind Turbine Noise Limits 8 Dec 2017
Michigan Decision: Tuscola Wind III v Almer Township MI 3 Nov 2017
Michigan Elmwood Township: Wind energy conversion system moratorium ordinance 3 Mar 2016
Michigan Mason County Michigan Wind Ordinance 26 Jun 2015
Michigan Meade Township Referendum legal challenge - letter 22 Dec 2014
Michigan Consumers Energy Sound Mitigation Plan with Commentary 18 Feb 2014
Michigan Mason County wind farm neighbors sue Consumers Energy: Complaint Filed 1 Apr 2013
Michigan Noise complaints at Heritage Garden Wind 8 Oct 2012
Michigan US FWS to Heritage Sustainable Energy: No turbines within three miles of U.S. Great Lakes 4 Nov 2011
Michigan Wind ordinance Riga Township, Lenawee County Michigan 13 Jul 2011
Michigan Centerville Township zoning ordinance for commercial wind energy systems 18 Aug 2010
Michigan Malcolm Swinbanks testimony on wind turbine noise 9 Dec 2009
Michigan Centerville Township commercial wind energy systems ordinance 10 Nov 2009
Michigan Proposed Golden Township Zoning Ordinance 1 Aug 2006
Michigan Golden Township: Proposed Zoning Ordinance 25 Apr 2006
Michigan Golden Township planning commission - wind turbine ordinance 15 Feb 2006
Michigan Michigan Siting Guidelines for Wind Energy Systems 14 Dec 2005
USA Michigan War of the Winds 31 Oct 2005
Michigan Site Plan Review Application to Huron County Planning Board 2 Sep 2005
Michigan Impact of Wind Turbine Generators on Property Values 17 Jul 2005
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