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State considers goals or rules for renewable energy

Michigan’s 21st Century Energy Plan is to be released by the end of the year, and utilities and environmentalists are weighing in on what the program should contain. State regulators are considering whether a certain percentage of Michigan’s electricity must come from renewable fuel sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have targets, with dates, for renewable energy sources, ranging from 1% to 25% of total power. For example, Illinois recently adopted a voluntary standard of 25% of energy from renewables by 2017. Michigan utilities currently generate less than 8% of their electricity from renewable sources.
21 Nov 2006

Thumb windmill project back on track after DTE Energy report

DTE Energy says it didn't find out that three 80-foot-tall windmills were being installed at a Thumb elementary school until after they were already up and running. The claim is part of a report filed with the state this week about the process of interconnecting three 65-kilowatt windmills at Laker Elementary School near Pigeon to the electrical grid. The report was required as part of a state investigation spurred by concerns over a DTE-ordered shutdown of the windmills on Sept. 20. In its report, the utility lays blame on the project developer, who the company says didn't file the proper interconnection applications on time.
16 Nov 2006

Turbine ordinance set

Commissioners approved a resolution Tuesday adopting a county-wide ordinance regarding on-site wind turbines. The move actually revised the Huron County Zoning Ordinance by adding language that clarified the use of “overlay” zoning techniques on land in the Agricultural District and providing standards for on-site wind energy systems (wind turbine towers) and related wind assessment devises. The amendment allows for on-site turbines — that are not for commercial purposes — and would not require a special use permit, said Russell R. Lundberg, director of building and zoning.
15 Nov 2006

Permit granted for Oliver wind project

OLIVER TOWNSHIP — The township planning commission Thursday voted to approve a special use permit for a utility grid wind energy system in its agricultural preservation zoning district. Brian Crawford of RMT, Inc. of Grand Rapids spoke on behalf of Michigan Wind LLC during the planning commission’s public hearing regarding the development of a project which may lead to the installation of 27 wind turbines in Oliver Township. Michigan Wind also has developed a project which may lead to the installation of five turbines in neighboring Chandler Township. “The area is a prime (location) for wind energy development,” Crawford said. “This (Huron County) is one of the better areas in the state for hosting wind energy.”
3 Nov 2006

Noble looks to erect 32 turbines in the spring

BINGHAM TOWNSHIP — Noble Environmental Power doesn’t plan to get its windpark off the ground any time soon, but when it does, the company plans to erect the entire 32 turbines originally slated to be installed. “We’re actually hoping to go forward in the spring with the original 32 instead of the seven, and we’re hoping to move forward with the full park and get back on track with our original plans,” said Noble Development Manager Jeanette Hagen. “We’re basically just ironing out all the red tape with the transmission. Otherwise, we’re ready to rock and roll.”
1 Nov 2006

Wind project planned in Chandler, Oliver

Construction of the county’s second planned Wind Energy System may begin in coming months. RMT, Inc. of Grand Rapids currently is developing a project which may lead to the installation of 32 turbines in Oliver and Chandler townships. Construction of the turbines will not begin until the company receives the go ahead from the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) to connect to the national grid system and from township, county and state officials. MISO studies the electrical system’s carrying capacity, so as not to overload the system which causes blackouts. The company has to go through a series of steps at the township, county and state level before proceeding with the project.
27 Oct 2006

Winds howling, but Thumb windmills still can’t catch a breeze

DTE Energy unveiled two ‘’solutions'’ Friday for turning windmills back on at Laker Elementary School, but neither option will work, school officials say. Laker leaders say DTE officials don’t seem to understand how windmills work and the coal-burning utility continues to drag its feet on the project. A DTE engineer is supposed to be back at the school on Monday to study the turbines.
14 Oct 2006

Wind power subject of MSU seminar

To answer the question of what’s blowin’ in the wind, Michigan State University Extension is hosting an informational meeting on the economics and future of wind power. “As wind energy becomes more prevalent Michigan and people learn more about the opportunities, it’s good the have a seminar presenting unbiased information,” said Lynn Hamilton, professor of agriculture economics and wind project coordinator at Michigan State University.
13 Oct 2006

Wind power in Lenawee County?

Wind power may be the next thing in Lenawee County’s alternative energy industry. An agriculture advisory committee that was involved in starting an ethanol plant near Blissfield and bringing a biodiesel plant to Adrian is taking a serious look at a wind turbine project to generate electricity in Lenawee County. A two-hour presentation on the nuts and bolts of wind power was given to the committee last week.
8 Oct 2006

Barcia wants windmills back on at Thumb elementary school

The recent shutdown of three windmills at an elementary school in Michigan’s Thumb has put state regulators on the hot seat. Putting heat on the Michigan Public Service Commission in Lansing will hopefully help get three windmills at Laker Elementary School near Pigeon turned back on, and make it easier for future wind developers to locate here, said State Sen. Jim Barcia, D-Bay City. Barcia said he plans to send a letter, likely today, ‘’requesting that the PSC play a stronger leadership role'’ in resolving the Laker school issue without putting an undue financial hardship on the school. Two weeks ago, the school windmills were shut down by a contractor after DTE Energy raised safety and reliability concerns about the turbines, including whether the electrical grid can handle additional generation and whether line workers could be injured by power from the turbines during an outage.
2 Oct 2006

Turbines still, but progress is being made

While it’s still uncertain when the turbine blades will start spinning again at Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Elementary, there has been some positive movement on the issue regarding DTE Energy requirements that led to the turbines being turned off last week.
30 Sep 2006

Second wind farm project halted

The wind has been taken right out of a second wind energy project in the Thumb Area. Last month, Michigan’s first wind farm near Ubly was put on hold until next year. Now a smaller wind energy project in the Laker School District near Pigeon has been shut down by DTE Energy. The utility company says safety is the reason, but others disagree.
26 Sep 2006

Thumb windmills idled after DTE Energy raises concerns

PIGEON - Three windmills erected at a Thumb elementary school have been shut down, and supporters says it’s because DTE Energy doesn’t want to see wind power succeed here. A DTE spokesman says the utility supports renewable energy, but there were ‘’safety and reliability'’ concerns about allowing the school windmills to continue supplying power to the electrical grid. It’s the second time this year that people in the Thumb have blamed DTE for delays to wind power projects.
25 Sep 2006

DTE orders Lakers to shut down turbines

PIGEON — Just as the three wind turbines by Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Elementary School only recently started spinning after a long wait, those involved with the turbine project are facing difficulties with DTE Energy — and it’s making their heads spin. “DTE personnel have demanded that these turbines be shut down immediately and not restarted until (a) seven-week study is completed, the school district pays for the upgrading of DTE equipment, and that equipment is installed by DTE personnel,” said Laker Interim Superintendent Bob Drury in a press release. Les Singer, DTE Energy spokesman, said there are requirements for any customer that interconnects with the company’s system to ensure that their equipment can safely and compatibly work with the system.
21 Sep 2006

Expert discusses possibility of turbines in area

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Energy released $1 million to measure how fast, on average, the wind blows coming off the river. The measurement is part of the Wyandotte Green Windpower on Brownfields Project, an initiative through which wind turbines could be installed on contaminated property.
2 Sep 2006
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