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Another turbine blade breaks in Huron County

It was the third turbine to break in Huron County in the last 10 months and the second turbine owned by DTE to break down in that time. In March, a turbine blade in Sigel Township broke ...In addition, a turbine was struck by lightning near Minden City at the Michigan Wind Project 2 in September. The turbine, owned by Exelon Energy also lost a blade and was set to be back online this week.
9 Nov 2013

DTE explains broken turbine blade

“The cause for the blade breaking was a carbon failure at the 19-meter mark that was not formed properly,” Buda said. “Failure in the heating oven at the plant caused the blade to break later on.” ...properly made wind turbines can handle wind speeds up to 125 mph.
4 Oct 2013

Predictions of turbine's demise premature

It took four months after the initial breakdown to find and obtain a part from Europe at a cost of almost $38,000. Workers installed the new part on Jan. 4, but it failed two days later. The supplier eventually replaced it after another lengthy search. The part was installed April 16. It lasted three days.
15 Jun 2013

DEQ looks to Kalamazoo community college for $38,000 repair job to Bay City wind turbine

Nearly sixth months have gone by since the $250,000 wind turbine produced any electricity. ...They would have the turbine's original manufacturer, Canada-based Entegrity Wind Systems, repair the system, but the company filed for bankruptcy in late 2009, months after installing the unit. "It's kind of annoying ...We had a 20-year maintenance agreement with them, all for naught."
16 Sep 2011

Wind turbine blade falls off again at Elkton-Pigeon- Bay Port

Smith said brief power outages experienced in the area cause the three turbines to instantly stop and recoil, which fatigues the blades in the area where they are likely to break. When the blades are new, they're more flexible and durable. ...we are going to direct all maintenance employees to approach away from the blades and keep visitors away. The blade ejection happens rarely, but we need to err on the side of safety.
3 Dec 2010
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