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Life with Dekalb Turbines

Dave and Stephanie Hulthen spoke on "Life with Dekalb Turbines". They are from DeKalb County, Illinois. They live in the middle of an industrial wind farm. There are thirteen industrial wind turbines located within one mile of their home, two within 1400 feet. Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition (IICC) hosted a seminar at the Blissfield Middle School in Michigan. IICC is opposing wind turbine siting in Riga, Ogden and Fairfield townships, Michigan. Duration: 41 minutes 29 seconds  
19 Oct 2011

Major windpower proposal stirs Benzie, Manistee counties

The movie (WINDFALL), which presents no views or facts either supporting or contradicting the claims made by the worried residents it interviews, clearly influenced the opinions of many in attendance, including Beulah resident Alice Mummey. Ms. Mummey says she is sympathetic to environmental causes ...But she said the movie gave her pause when it comes to building a wind farm in her own county.
27 Jan 2011

Energy company offers payments to turbine neighbors.

One of the companies working on a proposed wind energy project in southeastern Lenawee County told a gathering Tuesday night that it would pay neighbors of parcels with the proposed windmills $1,500 a year. ...To receive the payment, people would have to live within a half-mile of a turbine, according to the news release.
22 Jan 2011

WIND TURBINES: Draft of discontent in Manistee and Benzie

Rochelle Rolenhagen, who is writing the ordinance for Pleasanton Township, said her views on wind turbines have changed. She believes the company is intentionally preying upon poor people in an area that couldn't profitably produce electricity for wind if it weren't for a 30% federal subsidy. "A year ago, I was so pro wind you have no idea. But this is a community-changing event because it is superimposing on our rural residential townships.
20 Dec 2010

Some counts against wind companies dismissed

During Monday's hearing, Knoblock weighed in on arguments from attorneys representing Noble Environmental Power, LLC, regarding its request to have Count IV of negligent misrepresentation dismissed. Attorneys from John Deere Renewables, John Deere and Michigan Wind I, LLC asked the judge to dismiss Count III of negligent design of a wind farm and Count IV of negligent misrepresentation.
25 Aug 2010

Lake turbine plan hits rough seas; Sailors, waterfront residents oppose wind generators

The lake's sailing community is just one of the factions lining up to oppose plans from SouthPoint Wind to put turbines in the lakes in Canadian waters. Opponents have expressed concerns over the wind farms' impact on everything from property values to recreational boating to wildlife. ..."A U.S. citizen who doesn't like the way the wind farm looks across the lake can't just go into Canadian court and sue to try and stop it," said Nick Schroeck, executive director of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center.
1 Jun 2010

Residents sue wind companies

Citing a loss of property value and quality of life as a result of the Ubly area Michigan Wind I development, 16 Huron County residents filed a lawsuit earlier this month against the wind project's various companies. ...In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim they have property rights and privileges with respect to the use and enjoyment of their property, and the defendants interfered with those rights by creating, through the operation of the wind farm, "significant and material intrusions upon the plaintiffs' property."
29 May 2010

Don't let wind development create a mistake in Lake Michigan

The Lake Michigan P.O.W.E.R. (Protect Our Water, Economy and Resources) Coalition would like to remind readers about some critical facts regarding offshore wind development and the company aggressively pursuing our shoreline that are important to understand before taking a stance one way or another or rushing into any significant development in one of our greatest natural treasures.
22 Apr 2010

Will wind blow enviros apart?

Now a new community-level movement is arising in Michigan and across the Great Lakes region. This time, established green groups may be separating themselves from it. As Michigan and other state and provincial agencies move to authorize wind farms in the Great Lakes, enviros outside the affected communities are not likely to join offshore wind opponents in any significant numbers.
21 Apr 2010
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