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Michigan wind energy report generating some sparks

The draft report is already generating some sparks. Wind energy advocates claim the report paints a rosy picture of the future of wind power in Michigan. However, those who claim wind energy is neither cost-effective nor the best way of cutting emissions, say the report is not a positive one for wind energy producers.
1 Nov 2013

Court decision could unplug green energy mandate in Michigan

For wind developers wishing to induce municipalities to adopt wind-friendly zoning, they must abandon their current mantra of using the law to tell communities that they might as well agree to building wind farms because the state eventually will force the issue. Wind energy developers will have to discover a means to generate wind energy at a competitive price in a state with a regionally anemic wind resource, or they'll have to walk away.
19 Jun 2013

County keeps wind energy request up in air

The County Board of Commissioners decided to send a message regarding wind energy projects in the county by opting not to act on a request to release from 26.311 acres in Windsor Township PA 116 for the purpose of building an energy substation planned for the Thumb Loop.
25 Apr 2013

Is Michigan's constitution the right place for energy policy?

Opponents, led by a group that has received millions of dollars from the state's two large investor-owned utilities, say it's inappropriate to use the state constitution to make energy policy, and that, if passed, the amendment could lock the state into wind power for decades, limiting Michigan's future energy options in a rapidly changing industry. ..."Make no mistake, this is a wind proposal."
19 Oct 2012

Renewable energy standards don't belong in state constitution, opponents say

"Particularly on energy policy, it is absolutely critical to have flexibility to respond to changing circumstances over time," says Ken Sikkema, a former Michigan Republican Senate majority leader, who recently met with The Oakland Press editorial board. ...there is already a renewable energy standard of 10 percent, established by the state Legislature.
26 Aug 2012

Group rallies against push for unproven alternative energy

Opponents of government mandated renewable energy are coming to the event to protest the blind push for renewable energy and hand out information showing that most wind energy is a farce. "Wind energy is just the latest incarnation of big industry and big government working hand-in-taxpayers-pocket to fatten their own wallets while the common person picks up their tab."
23 Jun 2012
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