Documents from Massachusetts

Massachusetts Court Order in Falmouth Appeal: DENIED 6 Nov 2018
Massachusetts Letter to Falmouth: Wind 2 turbine and noise 26 Oct 2018
USA Massachusetts Michigan Ambrose: Courts Uphold Wind Turbine Noise Limits 8 Dec 2017
Massachusetts Falmouth Wind Turbines 1 and 2: Court Order to cease and desist operation 21 Jun 2017
USA Massachusetts On the predominance of unstable atmospheric conditions in the marine boundary layer offshore of the U.S. northeastern coast 18 Jul 2016
Massachusetts Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals Ruling 15 Apr 2016
Massachusetts Cape Wind Request for permit extension denied: Decision 29 Mar 2016
Massachusetts Falmouth Wind Turbine: Deemed ineligible for permit 5 Mar 2016
Massachusetts Dr Laurie addresses Falmouth Wind Turbine Demonstration 27 Feb 2016
Massachusetts Town of Bourne v Future Generation Wind LLC 9 Feb 2016
Massachusetts William Hallstein, MD letter to Falmouth 14 Jan 2016
Massachusetts Falmouth residents oppose further appellate review 24 Mar 2015
Massachusetts Infrasound Measurements of Falmouth Wind Turbines Wind #1 and Wind #2 27 Feb 2015
Massachusetts DRUMMEY et. al. vs. TOWN OF FALMOUTH 26 Feb 2015
Massachusetts Cape Wind contract termination letter 6 Jan 2015
USA Massachusetts Cape Wind: Federal Appeal Filed 30 Aug 2014
USA Massachusetts US District Court ruling on Cape Wind 14 Mar 2014
USA Massachusetts Wind Turbines: A different breed of noise? 23 Dec 2013
Massachusetts A critical analysis of: wind turbine health impact study: report of independent expert panel 2 Dec 2013
Massachusetts Court order granting injunction; Falmouth turbine operations limited due to noise 21 Nov 2013
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