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More than 100 people ask if Massachusetts energy policy will destroy Moosehead Lake region

Residents said they feared the 500-foot tall turbines would adversely affect the aviation tradition on the lake, culminating every fall with the Greenville Fly-in. “There’s a lot at stake,” McDonald told the group. “The view and the wilderness experience. There’s a future at stake if you want to develop tourism in the area, the turbines pose a serious threat to the region.”
17 Aug 2017

Deal struck to sell NH wind farm power to Mass.

Though Iberdrola Renewables hasn’t filed an application for the project yet with the state’s Site Evaluation Committee, the company has signed a 15-year agreement to sell power to a group of Massachusetts utilities. The agreement will benefit Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Portfolio and its electricity customers, though there are questions about its value to New Hampshire.
7 Oct 2013

Huffing and puffing continues - no time to let up

As unmolested as these islands look from the deck of a small craft, that may change as wind turbines sprout. ...Voters whose calculations of industrial wind, whether off or on Vineyard shores, conclude that the detriments outweigh the benefits will want to examine candidates for the state senate, the House of Representatives, and the Massachusetts governorship carefully.
7 Oct 2010

University of Delaware researcher says 'place attachment' prompts backlash against wind farm development

Firestone and his research colleagues began surveying public opinion on the Cape Wind project in 2004. He quickly learned that opposition to offshore wind farms is not a classic "not in my backyard" reaction. Instead, opposition mainly to the visual impact of turbines seen from land or from boats causes a psychological reaction known as "place attachment." Basically, it is an emotional attachment to surroundings that are familiar.
15 Jul 2010

Cape Wind: State official says it would harm the area

State historical preservation officer Brona Simon spoke out against the Cape Wind turbine project proposed for Nantucket Sound during a hearing in Barnstable on Monday. She noted that the project is 24 to 25 square miles. "You can see the concern we have with the adverse effects of the proposal," she said. "The visual element will alter the setting outside the character of the historic properties."
24 Mar 2010

State preservation chief cites wind farm impact

The state's top historic preservation official told a federal panel yesterday that the impact of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm on Native American and other historic sites is "unparalleled'' in the state's history. It was Brona Simon's first public remarks on the Cape Wind project since issuing a formal opinion in November that Nantucket Sound should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
23 Mar 2010

Feds hear closing comments on Cape Wind

The proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm will either make history or destroy it, according to speakers at what could be the last public hearing on the project. Barring a lawsuit sending the project back for more review, yesterday's hearing at Cape Cod Community College's Tilden Arts Center marked the final opportunity for opponents and supporters to be heard on the plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC.
23 Mar 2010

Feds name Cape Wind panel

A federal panel charged with assessing Cape Wind's impact on dozens of historic sites includes an architect, an anthropologist and a Texan who runs one of the nation's largest beer distributors. Last week, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation identified a five-member Cape Wind review panel, as a final federal ruling on the controversial offshore wind farm appears on the horizon.
14 Mar 2010

Tribe explains Cape Wind opposition rooted in history and Indian culture

In a press release sent to news outlets on Friday, Cheryl Andrews-Maltais, chairman of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), outlined the tribe's opposition to the Cape Wind project in terms of cultural, religious, and environmental concerns. The press release followed the visit last week of Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.
11 Feb 2010

Few protections for Nantucket Sound as historic place

When the National Park Service declared the 560-square-mile Nantucket Sound eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, all the federal protections of actually being on the list became effective. Yet, as it turns out, these protections have little bearing on existing commercial and recreational activities in Nantucket Sound.
27 Jan 2010

Cape Wind would sully national treasure

A great disservice will be done to the people of Massachusetts and all others who enjoy the pristine scenery, water sports and solitude of Nantucket Sound by placing an industrial plant in its heart, as intended by Cape Wind and politically correct politicians who want wind energy there regardless of the cost and its effect on national treasures and National Natural Landmarks.
24 Jan 2010

Nantucket Sound may get new status; Ruling could delay wind farm approval

Massachusetts' top historic preservation officer has dealt a setback to the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm, ruling yesterday that the body of water is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places because of its cultural significance for two Native American tribes. In a letter released late in the afternoon, Brona Simon, state historic preservation officer, said she believes that Nantucket Sound is so culturally important to two Wampanoag tribes that it should be eligible to be listed on the National Register as a traditional cultural property.
6 Nov 2009

Tribes seek halt to proposed Cape Cod wind farm

The Wampanoag - the tribe that welcomed the Pilgrims in the 17th century and known as "The People of the First Light" - practice sacred rituals requiring an unblocked view of the sunrise. That view won't exist once 130 turbines, each over 400 feet tall, are built in Nantucket Sound, visible to Wampanoag in Mashpee and on Martha's Vineyard. ..."We, the Wampanoag people, who opened our arms and allowed people to come here for religious freedoms, are now being threatened with our religion being taken away for the profits of one single group of investors," Green said.
2 Nov 2009

2 tribes object to Cape Wind turbines; Say Nantucket Sound is cultural property

Native American rituals and beliefs have emerged as a surprising last-minute obstacle to federal approval of the nation's first offshore wind farm, threatening to significantly delay the Cape Wind project. Two Massachusetts tribes say the 130 proposed wind turbines in Nantucket Sound would disturb their spiritual sun greetings and submerged ancestral burying grounds. The Aquinnah and Mashpee Wampanoag tribes ...are pushing for the entire sound to be listed as a traditional cultural property on the National Register of Historic Places.
26 Oct 2009

Pioneering wind farm faces another delay, this time over Indian sites

Final approval for Cape Wind is stalled, aggravating developers of the Massachusetts offshore wind project and igniting concerns that the latest roadblock -- over American Indian ceremonies -- could jeopardize other ocean-based energy proposals. ..."There's great concern. It should have been finished months ago," said Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for Cape Wind, noting that the delay is disrupting efforts to arrange construction contracts, line up installation barges and find buyers for the anticipated electricity.
5 Oct 2009
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