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Troy’s Take: Falmouth’s Stinkin’ Lincoln

What began as a well-conceived effort to be sustainable and fiscally responsible has become one of the most contentious and divisive issues in the town’s history. After the turbines were constructed, the town worked to gather public input. Had that commitment to inclusion been present before decisions were made to purchase and erect the turbines, some of the town’s darkest days may have been avoided. ...In January 2010, I called the construction of Wind I “the best of Falmouth” for 2009, noting that it was, “…one of the most significant achievements in the last decade locally.” I readily admit today that I was wrong. Why can’t the town?
20 Mar 2015

Cape Wind proponents take to Common, vow to continue fight

National Grid has given no indication that a contract is still under consideration. “Cape Wind had an opportunity to extend the contract, which, for whatever reason, they declined to do,” the utility said in a statement. “Any new contract, could one be negotiated, would require an extensive and lengthy review by the Department of Public Utilities.”
1 Mar 2015

Our toxic relationship with wind power

Meanwhile, in the United States, the massive windmills gobble up valuable habitat, as do the roads needed to access them. These eyesores ruin otherwise picturesque landscapes, and are built with little regard for the migratory paths of protected wildlife. The deadly blades can reach speeds up to 170 mph, often chopping birds into pieces. Most recent data estimates that 600,000 birds and hundreds of thousands of bats fall prey to this “green” technology every year.
28 Feb 2015

Lawsuit seeks $12M in liens on six Cape solar projects

A company that built six solar farms at capped landfills on Cape Cod has filed a lawsuit seeking to have more than $12 million in liens placed on revenue generated from the projects. The Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative, along with the towns of Barnstable, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, and Harwich, have been named as defendants in the lawsuit. A lawyer for the cooperative said it will participate in the lawsuit as necessary to protect its interests and the interests of its member towns in the solar projects.
3 Feb 2015

Tom May, Northeast Utilities happy to get out of Cape Wind

May had nothing against the wind or renewable energy. It’s just that electricity from Cape Wind, which would set up 130 turbines in Nantucket Sound, would be expensive. And that matters in a state where electricity costs are already twice the national average. “Clean energy,” May told the Globe in 2010, “isn’t cheaper energy.”
9 Jan 2015

Bourne residents speak out against Plymouth turbines

Several dozen people filled the lower conference room at Bourne Town Hall during the Bourne Board of Health meeting on December 10 to voice their opinion on a proposed Plymouth wind farm that would border Bournedale. Most of the residents spoke in opposition to the project brought before the board by cranberry farm owner Keith A. Mann.
12 Dec 2014

Brewster may purchase wind power

Brewster may be back in the wind turbine business. Local opponents of the discarded plan to site twin 400-foot turbines off Freeman’s Way (abandoned in 2013 after a four-year battle) can breathe easier – these proposed turbines would be in Plymouth.
7 Oct 2014

Crying foul over cost of power

What’s more, the utility’s spokespeople state, it makes no profit on the supply side of the bill, simply passing along to customers the going rate for electricity from regional power generators. The profit and cost of doing business comes from the other half of the bill, the "delivery" portion that covers the transmission and maintenance of power lines and hookups to homes and businesses.
5 Oct 2014
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