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Residents tilt town wind turbine

Andersen said he wants the town to shut the turbine off until a mitigation plan is created. "I'm just hoping someone will please turn it off until it gets figured out," he said. "That thing is dangerous. If it doesn't get stopped we'll be forced to move. Our house is uninhabitable."
3 Dec 2010

Falmouth appeals board hears challenge to town turbine

The hearing was an appeal of Falmouth Building and Zoning Commissioner Eladio R. Gore's determination that the turbine is a municipal use and therefore did not require a special permit from the board of appeals. At stake was whether the town-owned turbine should be shut down with a cease and desist order from the board of appeals. The appellant argued the town did not follow its own zoning bylaws.
3 Dec 2010

Assembly sends wind turbine regs back to Cape Cod Commission

The Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates this week rejected proposed review standards for land-based wind turbines, and is considering an unprecedented step to protect Cape Cod while those regulations undergo further review. The ordinance would have amended the energy section of the county’s Regional Policy Plan (RPP) and established minimum performance standards.
19 Nov 2010

Barnstable County deals turbine blow

In the face of fierce opposition, the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates has rejected standards for local wind energy projects, calling the proposed regulations too lenient. Instead, the county's legislative body may now consider a yearlong moratorium on all wind turbines across Cape Cod, potentially setting county officials at odds with state policies and wind energy proponents.
18 Nov 2010

Dust in the wind

Partly in response to the growing public concern over wind, the Barnstable Assembly of Delegates committee on government regulations voted 3-2 on Nov. 3 to recommend imposing wind regulations to the full assembly during the Nov. 17 full meeting.
5 Nov 2010

Board opposes Milford becoming a Green Community

In the memo to Celozzi, Planning Board members said they are concerned with a requirement to provide sites for renewable or alternative energy generating facilities, like wind turbines. "This seems contrary to the underlying principle of the zoning bylaw to protect residential neighborhoods by separating incompatible uses.
22 Sep 2010

Freetown Town Meeting voters approve zoning measures

"These bylaws were added as part of the Green Community Act. The town is working toward Green Community designation," she said. After Monday's vote, the bylaw for land setbacks for solar energy structures specifies 20 feet from the side, 25 feet from the rear and 50 feet from the front. The bylaw for land setbacks wind power structures is three times a wind turbine's blade's highest point.
9 Jun 2010
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