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Falmouth town meeting to vote on turbines

The three articles collectively ask town meeting members to: appropriate money to cover debt obligations the town holds for construction and maintenance costs; fund the dismantling and disposal or relocation of the turbines; and supplement the fiscal 2013 and 2014 operating budget as necessary due to the turbines being curtailed or shut down.
5 Feb 2013

The "Sting" of big wind

The Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Environmental Protection continue endorsing noise guideline and noise sampling protocol tools which, both agencies admit, do not adequately address, nor properly mitigate the unique noise characteristics associated with Industrial Wind Turbines (June 30, 2011 letter from MassDEP to Falmouth Selectmen & Health Agent).
3 Feb 2013

Falmouth Selectmen support removing wind turbines

Reading from a prepared statement, Selectman David Braga said industrial-sized turbines don’t belong in residential neighborhoods. “We have an issue that has gone on for too long and it has divided our town. I want to be very positive and move forward to rectify this issue,” Braga said. “I think it’s time that we start building trust with the residents of Falmouth over this issue.”
30 Jan 2013

Hanover fires turbine contractor

Hanover Town Manager Troy Clarkson announced to selectmen Monday night that the town would terminate its contract with Lumus Construction, the builder of its wind turbine. Clarkson said the contract needed to be terminated because the company still hasn't managed to get the turbine up and running. The project was originally pegged for completion nearly two years ago.
30 Jan 2013

Health Board puts turbine survey on hold

Daniel H. Webb, owner of the Notus Clean Energy turbine, said that the town-owned turbines have not been running at night for eight months and questioned how the board will take that into account. "I think Dan has a valid point that ideally we would have done this last year," said Dr. Goldstone, when the town turbines were running 24 hours a day. Unlike the town-owned turbines that have been turned off from 7 PM to 7 AM since May.
29 Jan 2013

Court takes a tilt at Falmouth windmills

In the suit, six plaintiffs - all Falmouth residents who live near two turbines at the wastewater treatment facility on Blacksmith Shop Road - are challenging a 2011 ruling by the town's zoning board of appeals that affirmed Building Commissioner Eladio Gore's approval of the first turbine to be erected.
29 Jan 2013

Take the Turbines Down

Nearly one hundred Falmouth residents attended a Board of Selectmen meeting last night to peacefully protest and speak out against the ongoing operation of three identical industrial wind turbines in the Falmouth Industrial Park. Duration: 33 seconds
26 Jan 2013

WIND POWER DEBATE: Turbine study not dismissed

While wind turbine advocates aren't happy with Nissenbaum's study, no court case was dismissed or contested it or its findings on the effect of industrial wind turbines on people living within close proximity to them. "It has not been refuted and is not refutable by prior studies," Nissenbaum said. "This study, in fact, seems to confirm known science and known plausible pathways resulting in disease."
26 Jan 2013

No word from Kingston Wind Independence

Tuesday night, Prospect Street resident Mark Wheeler told the Board of Selectmen that he had not heard from Ruiz, although he had done as requested and submitted medical evidence of harm to his family. He said they are asking for some relief, and he's losing faith that the government will deliver.
25 Jan 2013
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