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Blade failure in Michigan

04236_wind2_thumb DTE Energy found a part of a blade had fallen off one of its turbines located at the Thumb wind facility in Michigan. The Thumb wind facility went into commercial operation in December 2012. The project consists of 110-megawatt (MW) (69 1.6-megawatt GE wind turbines).
11 Mar 2013

Mass. co says no deal with Cape Wind

Horstmann said in an interview Friday at this Middleborough company that he feels his company was "used" to win public support for the controversial project he was once confident would boost local jobs. ...Cape Wind spokesman Mark Rodgers said Monday that Mass Tank just didn't have the experience or resources for the job.
11 Mar 2013

Falmouth turbine flap in costly spiral

Selectmen are scheduled Monday to vote on their recommendations for warrant articles for the annual and special town meetings. Three of the articles would collectively order the removal of the turbines. Town Manager Julian Suso has estimated it will cost $5 million to $15 million to remove them.
7 Mar 2013

Smooth sailing for offshore wind?

A flood of unexpectedly cheap natural gas could put a damper on offshore winds' fresh enthusiasm. Electric utilities may find it cheaper and easier to enjoy cheap gas while they can and put off more costly investments in alternatives, at least in the near term. "There's some truth that the decline in gas prices has changed people's perception about the urgency of renewables."
4 Mar 2013

Wind farm faces political push back

U.S. Reps. Paul Broun, R-Ga., and James Lankford, R-Okla., sent a letter Thursday to outgoing Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, reiterating demands they first made in January for agency documents related to Cape Wind, a list of all pending applications for two DOE loan programs, and a briefing about their concerns.
3 Mar 2013

Kingston Independence operator accuses bias

Ruiz is critical of opponents of the wind project he says are desperately attempting to retroactively rewrite history and who, at the request of outside agitators like attorney Christopher Senie, "continue to peddle these types of conspiracy theories that the town did not review shadow flicker."
1 Mar 2013

Mechanical error taints state turbine test

The Department of Environmental Protection has discarded sound data on Fairhaven's turbines obtained one night during October when one turbine was experiencing a technological error. DEP spokesman Edmund Coletta said the error caused the turbines to spin without producing power and was caught when a DEP technician was reviewing data after the test.
1 Mar 2013

Tainted turbine noise studes in Fairhaven MA

Underneath the two 1.5 megawatt wind turbines in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the whirring sound is unmistakable. Yet, during State-ordered noise testing in October, the turbines were set to spin-only and not to produce electricity. Turbine noise is unmistakably louder when power is being produced. The developer, after denying any manipulation of the turbines to artificially reduce noise levels, in a letter dated February 26, the developer admits a 'mechanical failure' resulted in the turbines not operating as required. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has ordered new studies.  Duration: 4 minutes 40 seconds
28 Feb 2013

Fairhaven Wind letter: Turbine noise studies tainted

Lettertokenkimmellreoctober15samplingissue_thumb The wind developer for Fairhaven Wind, two industrial-scale towers built near residences, has admitted that the sound survey conducted on October 15, 2012 was tainted due to one of the turbines, while still spinning, was not producing power. The developer insists human error was the cause but claims the no intent to artificially reduce the sound levels. The State of Massachusetts has ordered the results be discarded and for further studies to be conducted.
28 Feb 2013

Heath OKs wind ban

Speaking as if with one voice, 96 special town meeting voters quickly and unanimously approved the Planning Board's zoning bylaw amendment banning "industrial scale" wind turbines from being built within town borders.
27 Feb 2013

Wind turbine problems no surprise

These problems were predicted before their construction, but wind developers persuaded future neighbors that there would not be any problems. Now, as more turbines are built near residential areas, post-installation problems are emerging, causing precisely the problems that wind turbine opponents said would happen.
22 Feb 2013
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