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Japan-based bank to back Cape Wind

Given the high cost of Cape Wind, several banks will need to be lined up, Zaelke said, adding that the process could take between 30 and 90 days from when the lead bank is named. Cape Wind officials have said they hope to begin construction this year, which is necessary for the company to benefit from the federal production tax credit that expires Dec. 31.
20 Feb 2013

Wind turbine allowed, with restrictions

Although Town Meeting has voted to approve and finance the turbine project, officials now have to decide whether to proceed with construction. "Now we have some empirical data to go through to see if there is any way to make that wind turbine project work on those limited hours," said Thomas Hurley, chairman of Milton's Board of Selectmen. "Is it worth it?"
17 Feb 2013

Tax credits complicate Cape Wind, South Terminal schedule

Barton said that in order for Cape Wind to be eligible for the federal tax credit, it must "commence construction" before the end of the year, but the federal government has not yet clarified what exactly commencing construction means. ...Cape Wind may have to place the monopilings, or foundations, of at least some of the project's 130-turbines before the Jan. 1 deadline.
16 Feb 2013

Gov. Patrick's energy policy driven by flawed ideology

"Wind energy has so much potential, and the completion of this project will be a big step forward in reducing our reliance on volatile, foreign fossil fuels," boasted Gov. Patrick this past December upon the completion of the Hoosac turbines. If wind energy does indeed have such potential, it should not be reliant upon the government for its business. Until wind energy, or any new source of energy, can exist without government intervention, it is obviously not suitable for popular consumption.
14 Feb 2013

Turbines: Unhappy

Berne says he is deaf, but still is affected by the sound. “It reverberates from Spruce Hill (behind the house) to the front of the house.” He said the windmill is about 2,000 feet from his home. He said his grandchildren, ages 11 and 12, have had trouble sleeping and have been bothered by the “pulsating” red aviation warning lights — an effect caused by the wind turbine blades passing in front of the red lights.
13 Feb 2013

Hoosac Wind Neighbors Complain of Turbine Noise

Berne said the amplitude of the noise depends on the strength of the wind and its direction The wildlife has disappeared around his home, he said, and the humming and strobe-light effect of the blades wakes his grandchildren. ..."You just can't get away from them, they're constantly going," said Rosalyn Mullette, 75. "We're concerned about the future and being able to stay in this home."
12 Feb 2013

Judge limits turbine

"I am satisfied by a fair preponderance of the evidence that the operation of the wind turbine would present a significant distraction to the play of golf." Judge Doerfer ordered a specific schedule protecting golf-play hours and limiting turbine operation to hours of darkness from April 1 through Nov. 15. His order allows turbine operation 24-hours a day from Nov. 16 through March 31.
7 Feb 2013
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