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No word from Kingston Wind Independence

Tuesday night, Prospect Street resident Mark Wheeler told the Board of Selectmen that he had not heard from Ruiz, although he had done as requested and submitted medical evidence of harm to his family. He said they are asking for some relief, and he's losing faith that the government will deliver.
25 Jan 2013

Blaming the victims of Big Wind

Just as we blame the poor for their poverty, we seem compelled to blame the victims of Big Wind for their own illness. Apostles of the wind industry, like Dr. Dora Mills, Dr. Robert McCunney and Australia's Professor Simon Chapman, are only too happy to furnish the tacit explanations needed to justify blaming these victims for their own plight. These typically include psychosomatic causes, hypochondria, delusions, and other forms of mental illness.
24 Jan 2013

Falmouth Residents: Take the Turbines Down

Prior to the meeting, dozens of residents held a candle light vigil and prayed that the selectmen would not only hear their voices, but also take immediate action to stop what they described as a nuisance and danger to their health. Nearly 50 residents voiced their opinion during the public comment session, with almost every comment opposing the future operation of the turbines.
24 Jan 2013

Finance Committee looking ahead to Falmouth’s fiscal cliff

He then returned to his concerns about the wind turbines, asking Mr. Suso if his sustainable model assumed the machines would be running all the time. “Yes,” Mr. Suso said, adding that currently “we are running at a net loss. We’d go bankrupt and it would put us out of business” if that were to continue. He said the turbines are designed to be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
22 Jan 2013

Two heads are better than one

The impetus for the escalation of health concern is born from inadequacies of zoning regulations recommended by wind energy promoters. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a quasi-state agency focused on renewable energy development, has authored a state supported Wind Turbine Model Bylaw for municipalities considering wind energy projects. This is heralded as the state standard, yet more and more local boards of health are in a quandary.
21 Jan 2013

Residents criticize inaction on turbines

The collective frustration of the residents, after months of complaining about health ­issues related to the turbines, was voiced by one audience member who shouted at the board after the vote: "Shame on you." The neighbors want operations ceased at the Independence turbine, a privately owned machine running since May on the town's landfill, and three turbines owned by local businesswoman Mary O'Donnell.
20 Jan 2013

Falmouth turbine panel reports its findings

Curtailing operation between 10:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. could alleviate some neighbors' concerns about sleep loss they blame on the turbines, while still avoiding a net financial loss for the town, the report said. However, a continuation of the current policy of shutting the turbines off between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. could cause a five-year revenue loss of between $672,000 and $1.3 million.
19 Jan 2013

Dennis turbine trial ends; Judge will deliberate

"I am the very definition of a person aggrieved." Rosemarie Austin, co-defendant in the Aquacultural Research Corporation vs. Old King's Highway Regional Historic District Commission trial in Orleans District Court this week, repeated these words throughout her closing statement shortly before noon on Thursday, Jan. 17.
18 Jan 2013

Scituate Wind: Turbine blades will still turn

"The court is not in a position to determine how often serious shadow effects occur at the plaintiffs' residence. The court is unable at present to determine the extent of the noise problem," Hely wrote in his decision. "At this stage of the case, the plaintiffs have not shown a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of their claim that the wind turbine is a public health nuisance that must be shut down. That issue is an open issue now pending before the board of health."
17 Jan 2013

Shellfish hatchery fights for turbine

A shellfish hatchery's effort to build a wind turbine near Chapin Memorial Beach in Dennis was back in Orleans District Court on Monday, with the company's vice president and co-owner arguing that the turbine would be a "financial security blanket" in the face of rising energy costs.
15 Jan 2013

New data send turbine options group back to work

The postponement came in the wake of Tuesday's meeting, at which panel members were told that figures used to calculate the financial benefits of leaving the turbines running without curtailment were based on faulty methodology. New studies found that Wind 1 generates more power than previous tests have shown, according to Tony Rogers of DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, an expert employed to study the turbine's power generation.
15 Jan 2013
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