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Wind Turbines: A different breed of noise?

Ehp.122-a20-adifferentbreedofnoise_thumb Nate Seltenrich, a science and the environment writer, explores wind turbine noise. In this report, he writes that "anecdotal evidence strongly suggests a connection between turbines and a constellation of symptoms including nausea, vertigo, blurred vision, unsteady movement, and difficulty reading, remembering, and thinking." An excerpt of his report is provided below. The full article can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.
23 Dec 2013

State surveys whales, turtles to spur offshore wind

With planes and underwater recordings, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has been cataloguing which marine mammals and turtles pass through two offshore areas set aside for wind turbine development. The survey aims to paint a full picture of the underwater residents of these energy areas in order to make sure the whales, dolphins and turtles are not disturbed by any turbines that will be driven into the seabed.
21 Dec 2013

NE States split over power line cost sharing

Federal regulators are being asked to resolve a regional rift over who should pay for new power lines needed to carry renewable electricity to southern New England. Vermont has joined New Hampshire and Rhode Island to oppose the cost-sharing formula being promoted by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. ...the more populated states are trying to offload much of the cost of the new power projects on other states in New England.
18 Dec 2013

Another win for turbine abutters

Building Commissioner Eladio Gore determined they [the turbines] were not a nuisance, so Funfar appealed that decision to the ZBA. Thursday night, the zoning board unanimously voted to overturn Gore's determination. The ruling means the town is ordered to take whatever steps are necessary to remove the nuisance caused by the turbines.
7 Dec 2013

Falmouth ZBA rules wind turbines are nuisance at Ridgeview Avenue home

The hearing was a continuation of Mr. Funfar’s original appeal filed in September. The turbines, he said, have worsened his pre-existing health issues as well as affected the value of his home and have caused new health issues. ...“Just the history of the assessed value that I see here convinces me that there is a real impact on Mr. Funfar’s property because of the proximity to the turbines,” said board member Kenneth H. Foreman.
6 Dec 2013

No vote yet on wind turbine plan; Developer explains north turbine shutdown

The health board discussed the mitigation plan in open session Nov. 18 and released it to the public on Nov. 22 after receiving an opinion on making it public from town counsel. Selectmen did not release the plan. They have held their discussions in executive session, saying the closed meetings are warranted because the mitigation plan is part of contract negotiations with the developer.
5 Dec 2013

Wind siting debate returning in the spring

As for the DPU taking control, Karns worries about putting permitting under their control because of the department's "formal" nature. Karns said the DPU typically permits large energy plants or pipelines and opposing a process in that arena could become expensive for small municipalities or advocacy groups.
4 Dec 2013

North turbine down due to "slight" foundation imbalance

The north turbine is down for maintenance after a routine inspection found its foundation to be slightly off-level. Turbine Developer Sumul Shah said the turbine has slightly sunk into that soil area ...The turbine is expected to remain out of operation for another week so that grout used to steady the machine can have time to dry and strengthen.
30 Nov 2013

Despite court order, Falmouth turbines spin Thursday

Despite a Nov. 21 ruling that they be shut down on Thanksgiving, Wind I and Wind 2 were running briefly Thursday morning. The two town-owned turbines ran from 7 a.m. to 7:38 a.m. before being shut down, said Gerald Potamis, wastewater superintendent for the Falmouth Wastewater Department. Potamis is in charge of turning the turbines on and off manually when necessary.
29 Nov 2013

More time for public's wind-siting comments

Lilli-Ann Green, of Wellfleet, a member of Wind Wise-Massachusetts, wrote in an email that the group, which opposes the state's wind-energy policies, had asked for the extension to allow enough time for residents and experts to comment on the potential siting guidelines. The best practices developed through the process will not be regulations but would be offered to towns to use in existing reviews of wind-energy projects, according to state officials.
27 Nov 2013

Turbines stopped on Sundays

Barnstable Superior Court Judge Christopher J. Muse granted a preliminary injunction Thursday, ordering the town to only operate the 1.65-megawatt turbines at the wastewater treatment facility 12 hours per day, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The turbines will remain idle on Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
23 Nov 2013
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