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Rush to Judgment

Your [Boston Globe] front page headline of March 29, "Audubon review supports wind farm" was a rush to judgment according to Vernon Lang, supervisor of Fish and Wildlife’s New England field office, the agency lead official on the Cape Wind proposal. Editor's Note: This letter has been submitted to the Boston Globe.
31 Mar 2006

More debate is in the air

Officials at the Massachusetts Audubon Society said yesterday that, despite this week's decision by the powerful conservation group to conditionally endorse the controversial 130-turbine Cape Wind power project, the group will continue to consider other projects in the state on a case-by-case basis.
31 Mar 2006

Coastal towns' power, promise and privilege

It is not necessary to sacrifice the privilege of Massachusetts' magnificent coastline which sustains us. In allowing the destruction of an ecological sanctuary like Nantucket Sound we will fail in our commitment to uphold the public trust placed in us to protect our coastline for future generations.
31 Mar 2006

Audubon review supports wind farm - Threat to birds is less than feared, group finds

The Massachusetts Audubon Society gave its preliminary blessing yesterday to a large-scale wind power project off Cape Cod, saying its studies show that turbine blades are not likely to cause significant harm to birds, as the group had once feared.......But the group said its final decision will hinge on additional research of several bird species.
29 Mar 2006

FAA rejects town's turbines

Yarmouth leaders must now come up with alternative sites for a wind turbine project after the Federal Aviation Administration ruled that the proposed structures, within two miles of Barnstable Municipal Airport, would be a ''presumed hazard.''
27 Mar 2006

Ask tough questions on wind power

If the good people of Florida would question the developers, the politicians who fast-track this project, the facts, and the integrity of the siting process with this type of intensity instead of attacking anyone who participates in the public process, this project would never be built.
20 Mar 2006
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