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Wind tests done at site

SAVOY — A company planning to build seven wind turbines on a 293-acre site on West Hill has described the town as an excellent place for a "smaller-scale" project less visible than many others.
6 Apr 2006

Wind power referendum overturned

On Apr. 27 of last year, Tufts' Environmental Consciousness Outreach (ECO) group held a referendum administered by Tufts' Elections Board (ELBO) to gauge students' enthusiasm for wind power on campus. The referendum passed with overwhelming 88 percent support. On Mar. 28 of this year, however, the referendum's results were invalidated by the Committee on Student Life (CSL).
5 Apr 2006

The Challenge of Energy Policy in New England

Rr0602_thumb Renewable energy sources have disadvantages as well as advantages, however. Although their costs have decreased in recent years, many renewables are still more costly than traditional sources. Some are also available only intermittently; for example, wind can be variable and hydroelectric is seasonal. And while many people are in favor of renewables in principle, many are also unhappy when faced with the prospect of a windmill or a trash-burning power plant in their neighborhood. These facilities face the same siting and investment difficulties that any electrical facility would, as the developers of a proposed wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod have discovered in recent years.
1 Apr 2006

Rush to Judgment

Your [Boston Globe] front page headline of March 29, "Audubon review supports wind farm" was a rush to judgment according to Vernon Lang, supervisor of Fish and Wildlife’s New England field office, the agency lead official on the Cape Wind proposal. Editor's Note: This letter has been submitted to the Boston Globe.
31 Mar 2006

More debate is in the air

Officials at the Massachusetts Audubon Society said yesterday that, despite this week's decision by the powerful conservation group to conditionally endorse the controversial 130-turbine Cape Wind power project, the group will continue to consider other projects in the state on a case-by-case basis.
31 Mar 2006

Coastal towns' power, promise and privilege

It is not necessary to sacrifice the privilege of Massachusetts' magnificent coastline which sustains us. In allowing the destruction of an ecological sanctuary like Nantucket Sound we will fail in our commitment to uphold the public trust placed in us to protect our coastline for future generations.
31 Mar 2006
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