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Cape Wind proponents take to Common, vow to continue fight

National Grid has given no indication that a contract is still under consideration. “Cape Wind had an opportunity to extend the contract, which, for whatever reason, they declined to do,” the utility said in a statement. “Any new contract, could one be negotiated, would require an extensive and lengthy review by the Department of Public Utilities.”
1 Mar 2015

Our toxic relationship with wind power

Meanwhile, in the United States, the massive windmills gobble up valuable habitat, as do the roads needed to access them. These eyesores ruin otherwise picturesque landscapes, and are built with little regard for the migratory paths of protected wildlife. The deadly blades can reach speeds up to 170 mph, often chopping birds into pieces. Most recent data estimates that 600,000 birds and hundreds of thousands of bats fall prey to this “green” technology every year.
28 Feb 2015

Falmouth loses court appeal in turbine case

The court overturned Barnstable Superior Court Judge Robert Rufo’s June 2013 decision and ruled in favor of a cluster of neighbors who sued the town over its 2009 installation of Wind 1, one of the twin, 1.65-megawatt wind turbines erected at the town’s wastewater treatment facility.
27 Feb 2015

Hoosac Wind turbines cited for noise violations

After failing to meet an end-of-year deadline for fixes that would reduce the noise-level of Crum Hill wind turbines, Iberdrola Renewables LLC’s Hoosac Wind Power Project has been cited by the state Department of Environmental Protection for being too loud. Until the problems can be remedied, the company is now under an administrative consent order to take operational steps to bring the project into compliance with permissible noise levels whenever a noise complaint is found to be true through sound tests.
11 Feb 2015

Lawsuit seeks $12M in liens on six Cape solar projects

A company that built six solar farms at capped landfills on Cape Cod has filed a lawsuit seeking to have more than $12 million in liens placed on revenue generated from the projects. The Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative, along with the towns of Barnstable, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, and Harwich, have been named as defendants in the lawsuit. A lawyer for the cooperative said it will participate in the lawsuit as necessary to protect its interests and the interests of its member towns in the solar projects.
3 Feb 2015

What really toppled Cape Wind’s plans for Nantucket Sound

Demonizing his critics worked for Gordon for more than a decade, but in the end the NIMBY charge lost its sting when the public recognized Cape Wind as a classic bait and switch. Developers promised cheap, clean energy, and then planned to sell 77.5 percent of the power they were going to produce to NStar and National Grid for some two times the average cost of power generated by US suppliers.
30 Jan 2015

Wind auction sees low interest

Only two of four wind energy lease areas in federal waters south of Martha’s Vineyard received bids in an auction today and the sale prices were millions of dollars lower than previous auctions for leases of smaller sizes off other coastal states, according to statements by federal energy officials.
29 Jan 2015

Cape Wind suspended from New England market

Cape Wind has been suspended from New England's wholesale electricity market and has pulled out of a lease for land that had been earmarked for staging the 468MW project. "In general, suspensions are a result of a participant not maintaining a minimum amount of collateral and/or not complying with other financial assurance or billing requirements."
28 Jan 2015

Could Cape Wind have put up a bigger fight?

The typical price of a tax equity investment for an on-shore project that carries no debt is between 7.5 and 8.5 percent. By adding debt to the project, the range increases to the mid teens. ...“Admittedly it is being built by Siemens but there are also a lot of local contractors. ...It’s complex, so that would make any first time investor in the offshore industry nervous. So that puts your price of tax equity north of the mid teens, which makes it incredibly expensive."
21 Jan 2015
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