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Files trace the betrayal of prized Superconductor partnership

On a Thursday evening three Junes ago, Dejan Karabasevic desperately needed to contact his former wife. Karabasevic, a top engineer in American Superconductor Corp.'s offices in Klagenfurt, Austria, had been summoned to work, then confronted by police, who suspected him of selling his company's proprietary software to a Chinese wind turbine maker.
10 Jul 2013

Bristol Community College scraps turbine plan

Bristol Community College has scrapped a proposed campus wind turbine project due to changing "best practices" in turbine construction and is exploring alternative uses for a $600,000 state grant it received to build the machine. ...The Energy Resources Department and BCC decided that the turbine project was "not in the best interest of the commonwealth."
6 Jul 2013

Questionnaire on wind turbines raises concerns

Ms. Barteau said the tone of the questionnaire seems "prejudicial." She said it seems like an attempt to "sort out people" who opposed the turbines before they went up. "It seems like a process of intimidation," Ms. Barteau said. "There are fewer questions about health and more about 'were you concerned before they went up.'
4 Jul 2013

Falmouth wind turbines under review

Selectmen haven't agreed on the fate of two town-owned wind turbines in the wake of a failure at town meeting to get funds for their removal. But at their Monday night meeting, they agreed on one thing: They need to decide on their next move soon, and without another round of townwide debate.
2 Jul 2013

Fairhaven developer: Turn off one turbine overnight

Developers of the Fairhaven's two wind turbines say they can meet state noise regulations by shutting down just one turbine overnight. Three members of Fairhaven Wind LLC met with selectmen Monday night to submit a "mitigation plan" and explain what developer Sumul Shah described as the "extreme step" of shutting off one turbine per evening.
2 Jul 2013

Scituate wind turbine may have been hit by lightning

The Scituate Wind turbine may have been hit by lightning during the severe thunderstorm on Monday night. Sumul Shah, president of Solaya, the operators of the Scituate Wind, has not been able to confirm lightning struck the turbine, but said it was a "likely scenario." Residents reported hearing a loud crack in the area of the turbine on Monday night.
27 Jun 2013

Stop & Shop wind turbine hearing continued

Representatives for the company said the turbine would help the supermarket divert its fossil fuel use to wind power, as the company moves toward a green approach. A doctor hired by the company maintained that wind turbines do not pose a health risk, but referenced a state report that acknowledged they could adversely impact health if they caused sleep disturbances.
22 Jun 2013

State data does not support all town actions on Fairhaven turbines

"People's children are having trouble sleeping and that constitutes a health risk," she said. "The overnight shutdown is to accommodate the kids." DEP spokesman Coletta said the Board of Health has the jurisdiction to enforce the state regulation however it sees fit. Town Counsel Thomas Crotty said the Board of Health has "the authority to make a judgment call on what they think may be injurious to public health."
21 Jun 2013

Planners all tied up on Stop & Shop turbine

The DEP had concerns that the proposed 275-foot wind turbine might exceed sound limit guidelines during the winter. So, the agency recommended three possible actions be taken: The applicant could withdraw its proposal without prejudice; recommend the Zoning Board of Appeals deny the requested special permit for the project; or Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC could implement mitigation measures.
12 Jun 2013

PMLD appeals to governor about utility costs, turbine issues

Princeton Municipal Light Department manager Brian Allen has written to Governor Deval Patrick, noting that the failed wind turbine project has contributed significantly to the town's high utility costs. He is seeking financial support from the state. ...PMLD is a municipal utility with a $3 million budget and the turbine cost was approximately $1.2 million of that budget in 2012. "The utility does not have the ability to sustain itself with those types of losses."
6 Jun 2013

Hanover wind turbine close to operational

After the turbine was constructed and officially ready to test, it saw several months of delays because of multiple problems cropping up. ...Diniak said part of the problem is that when something goes wrong, it is often a problem that can only be fixed by going up to the top of the turbine.
29 May 2013

Falmouth turbine removal up for vote

"Clearly, very few people asked questions, and everyone was on board," Davis said. "It became clear this year to me and to other people who were sort of on the sidelines watching "» we really had a problem here, and it was tearing our community apart."
19 May 2013
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