Documents from Maryland

Maryland Potential impacts of visual impacts of Skipjack Offshore Wind project: Testimony of Robert G. Sullivan 17 Apr
Maryland Ocean City Mayor’s letter regarding windmill construction offshore 17 Jan
Maryland Dan's Mountain Wind Force Certificate: DENIED 25 Jan 2017
Maryland Apex Mills Branch Solar Denied Permit: DECISION 11 Jan 2017
USA Delaware Maryland New Jersey The effect of offshore wind power on beach use and tourism 2 Aug 2016
Maryland Queen Anne's County letter regarding APEX Mills Branch wind proposal 23 Jul 2015
Maryland Letter: Indefinite suspension of Great Bay Wind Energy Center investment 20 Mar 2015
USA Maryland Report of unacceptable risk to national security from a proposed wind project near Naval Air Station Patuxent River and the Atlantic Test Range 8 Dec 2014
USA Maryland Department of Defense: No turbines near the Naval Air Station Patuxent River 30 Oct 2014
USA Maryland Pentagon objects to wind energy proposal - Somerset County, MD 30 Oct 2014
USA Maryland Save Western Maryland complaint filed against Constellation Energy 22 Dec 2010
Maryland Notice of violations of the Endangered Species Act, Constellation Green Energy LLC 23 Jun 2010
Maryland Jon Boone comments before the MDPSC re: Case No. 8938, Criterion Wind 23 Apr 2008
Maryland Letter to landowners, Garrett County MD 19 Jan 2008
Maryland Pennsylvania Virginia West Virginia Ecological impacts of wind energy development on bats: questions, research needs, and hypotheses 6 Aug 2007
Maryland Maine Minnesota New Hampshire New York Pennsylvania Virginia Vermont West Virginia Bird and Bat Studies Conducted at Proposed or Existing Windpower Facilities 1 Mar 2007
Canada USA California Maryland Denmark Germany Less For More: The Rube Goldberg Nature of Industrial Wind Development 20 Dec 2006
Maryland Dan Boone's Response to Maryland PSC's proposed siting guidelines for windpower projects 4 Aug 2006
USA Maryland The Aesthetic Dissonance of Industrial Wind Machines 28 Sep 2005
Maryland Jon Boone's Response to Maryland's Dept. of Natural Resources' Data Request 2 Sep 2005
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