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Wind farm developer denied in Allegany County

Allegany County is a code, home-rule government, and can address zoning and land use codes for the county through a strict and organized process, which can't be trumped by state law. “We do not want to live underneath wind turbines,” Park said. ...[wind turbines are] very noisy, turbines are not friendly, they do not make good neighbors.”
18 Nov 2015

Apex dodges bullet in Maryland

Kent County commissioners voted to oppose the wind farm and support a state Senate Bill that would restore local authority to the approval process. However, the Bill failed to make it out of committee before the legislative term ended 13 April.
17 Apr 2015

Wind farm ordinance discussed in Somerset

The Planning Commission does not have the final word.  The county commission will make the final decision. He pointed out that, regardless of what the planners recommend, the county commission “can change the ordinance however they see fit.” That decision could clear the way for the development or stop it in its tracks.
26 Oct 2014

Pros, cons argued on proposed wind farm

Harvey A. Kagan, who describes himself as a licensed professional engineer living in Somerset County, believes the wind farm poses a enormous threat to the future of the county. “There are serious environmental and health issues and the long-term impact to the quality of life and character of Somerset County, as opposed to short-term financial gains by a few,” he said in a statement posted on the web.
21 Sep 2014

Somerset wind ordinance sent back for review

A draft ordinance to regulate large-scale wind turbines will be sent back to the Somerset County Planning Commission for review and possible revisions before County Commissioners will consider its adoption. The commissioners last week asked Planning Commission members to review the document, make revisions, hold a public hearing and send their recommendation back to the commissioners by Oct. 3.
16 Jul 2014

Crisfield begins eminent domain proceedings

City officials said they could not comment on why they resorted to using eminent domain — the right of government to take private property for public use ...The property is an unoccupied concrete block apartment building and is one of four needed for the turbine which will power the sewer plant.
30 Apr 2014

Bills would allow wind, solar projects on preserved farmland

But most conservationists oppose the change. They warn that allowing any non-agricultural activity on land set aside for farming could undermine long-running efforts to preserve Maryland's best remaining farmland. Though the state has one of the most successful preservation programs in the country, only a fourth of all farmland is shielded from development pressures, they say.
7 Mar 2014

Garrett County residents want wind turbine issues regulated at local level

Garrett County residents urged the county commissioners to forward the draft of the land-use management ordinance, which establishes wind turbine setbacks, back to the Planning Commission during the public comment portion of Tuesday's county meeting. "I think solving this issue locally for our county politics is the best pathway for getting real meaningful setbacks in place here in Garrett County."
5 Dec 2012

Bill focuses on wind turbine feasibility

The bill allows the small devices to be erected on poles up to 100 feet high and remain in place for up to one year. The instruments, which typically consist of three small cups spinning on an axle, can be used to determine wind speed in areas being considered for wind turbine construction.
5 Oct 2010
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