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Why the battle about wind turbines matters

Pax River contributes $7.5 billion in economic activity to the state of Maryland every year. If the Navy’s ability to do radar testing at the Navy base here is compromised that work can be moved elsewhere. ...The congressman, U.S. senator and state legislators who have tried to sidetrack the wind turbine project are representing their constituents and the state’s best interests.
8 Oct 2014

Bohanan calls wind-turbine project ‘dead’; Towers called threat to Pax River’s radar

Speaking at a candidate forum Wednesday, Del. John Bohanan (D-St. Mary’s) said, “I believe the project is dead.” ...Bohanan said Thursday he is “anticipating that the DoD will file a formal objection later this month.” Md Senator Mikulski added language to the defense appropriation bill that would prevent the Navy from entering into a curtailment agreement with Pioneer Green until the MIT study is completed.
3 Oct 2014

Pros, cons argued on proposed wind farm

Harvey A. Kagan, who describes himself as a licensed professional engineer living in Somerset County, believes the wind farm poses a enormous threat to the future of the county. “There are serious environmental and health issues and the long-term impact to the quality of life and character of Somerset County, as opposed to short-term financial gains by a few,” he said in a statement posted on the web.
21 Sep 2014

Defense bill requires study on Md. wind farm

A proposal to build a wind farm on Maryland's Eastern Shore within 56 miles of the U.S. Naval Air Station Patuxent River could still be delayed and potentially jeopardized, despite Gov. Martin O'Malley's veto of a bill passed by the Maryland General Assembly that would have created a similar delay.
1 Aug 2014

Mikulski pushes to delay Somerset wind turbines

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, was among several lawmakers who last week suggested changes to the Senate version of the defense spending bill. Mikulski’s changes, if implemented would prevent the Navy from entering into an agreement with Pioneer Green until further study could be complete.
23 Jul 2014

Somerset wind ordinance sent back for review

A draft ordinance to regulate large-scale wind turbines will be sent back to the Somerset County Planning Commission for review and possible revisions before County Commissioners will consider its adoption. The commissioners last week asked Planning Commission members to review the document, make revisions, hold a public hearing and send their recommendation back to the commissioners by Oct. 3.
16 Jul 2014

What’s in dispute about wind turbine project?

Cohen said Wednesday his company has not yet selected turbines for the project, which the company hopes to complete next year, but is now considering the most advanced technology on the market. Those turbines could stand about 690 feet tall, Cohen said. That is about twice the height the Navy has said would be acceptable with regard to sensitive radar testing in the area.
13 Jun 2014

Bird lovers, like Navy, concerned about wind turbines; Number killed by whirling blades ‘not trivial,’ conservationist says

“If you lose even just a small part of the whole food chain and ecosystem, there’s a domino effect,” said Mike Callahan, an environmental educator in Charles County and past president of the Southern Maryland Audubon Society, explaining that birds help control the insect population, may help pollinate plants and are part of the food chain themselves. Bald eagles are part of the American landscape, Callahan said. When countries lose part of their “natural heritage,” he said, they lose part of their pride. The federal government has yet to sign an agreement, required to move forward, saying that company and Navy operations can coexist.
13 Jun 2014

Governor’s veto may not end wind turbine debate

O’Malley, in a letter to the speaker of the House, said he vetoed the bill because measures already were in place to protect the Navy’s testing over the Chesapeake Bay, and because “the real threat to Pax River is not an array of wind turbines on the lower Eastern Shore, but rising sea levels caused by climate change.” ...“That’s a bunch of hooey,” said Greg Gillingham, a longtime lead test engineer and the Southern Maryland Navy Alliance lead for studying encroachment issues that threaten Pax River. “They’ve got folks believing this stuff.”
23 May 2014

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley vetoes bill delaying wind farm projects

“I am deeply disappointed by Governor O’Malley’s veto,” Hoyer said in a statement late Friday afternoon. “This veto fails to demonstrate Maryland’s strong commitment and support for the mission of Patuxent River Naval Air Station.” ...House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel) said he plans to survey his members to assess whether there is interest in returning to Annapolis for a special session to override the veto.
17 May 2014
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