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Officials propose wind farm at Deep Creek Lake; Zoning change needed for project to occur

Messenger Limited Partnership has requested the Garrett County Planning Commission to amend the Deep Creek watershed zoning ordinance to allow a wind farm in the rural resource zoning district. Wind turbines are prohibited in all zones of the watershed and the amendment would permit them in the rural resource zone only with the condition that the turbines would be 20,000 feet from the high waterline of Deep Creek Lake, according to Bob Paye, an attorney at Geppert, McMullen, Paye & Getty, P.C.
8 Dec 2013

Opposition arises over Fair Wind application

The Maryland Public Service Commission has received multiple emails in opposition to Fair Wind Power Partners LLC’s application to construct up to 15 wind turbines on Backbone Mountain. A majority of the emails indicate that the wind project would just be an extension of the Criterion Wind project, which is the deadliest industrial wind project in North America for bats and birds.
26 Nov 2013

Fair Wind project looks to build 15 new turbines

Before wind turbines can be fully operational, the permits division has to issue a variety of additional permits, such as a grading permit, which can take up to a year, a building permit and certificate of use for each wind turbine. The project is slated to start significant construction activities in early 2014 and the company hopes to begin commercial operation by the end of the year,
1 Nov 2013

Eastern Shore wind project confronts eagles, Navy; Proposed turbines face concerns over bird deaths, radar interference

The agency estimated that the original plan to put up 60 turbines east of Princess Anne could kill up to 43 eagles a year. The developer's experts disputed that, projecting deaths of 15 to 18 birds annually, but the agency said even that lower rate would result in more eagle deaths than any other wind project proposed nationwide. ...Biologists don't know how big a buffer is needed for bald eagles, which can roam over thousands of acres to find food.
29 Apr 2013

Fourmile Ridge wind farm gets PSC approval; Building begins after Garrett issues permits

The project is also awaiting Federal Aviation Administration approval because there was an issue with the Grantsville VOR/DME system. ...With Garrett County as an ideal spot for wind turbines, all of the projects will and do affect the safety and economic outlook of the Garrett County Airport, said Kelley in a letter to Melinda George of the FAA.
26 Apr 2013

With stipulations, PSC agrees to Fourmile waiver

The Maryland Public Service Commission is recommending that Fourmile Wind Energy LLC's request of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity waiver application be granted. However, it has placed conditions on the Fourmile Ridge wind project, according to a letter to David Collins, executive PSC secretary, from PSC Office of Staff Counsel.
18 Apr 2013

Maryland wind energy bill passes Senate

Republicans in the General Assembly and some business groups, including the Maryland Retailers Association opposed the legislation, saying the utility surcharges would put much of the burden of paying for the alternative energy on the backs of consumers and small-business owners.
8 Mar 2013

Maryland offshore wind plan likely to pass, but will it be built?

O'Malley acknowledged that he is now less optimistic that offshore wind development could begin as quickly as he hoped. The governor also said that, given the apparent need for the industry to develop big projects that can gain cost advantages with size, he was no longer certain any state on its own could succeed in spurring development of offshore wind energy.
5 Feb 2013

Company hopes to build nine wind turbines near Accident

New Dimension Energy Company LLC, a subsidiary of FloDesign Wind Turbine Corporation, recently filed an application for a meteorological tower permit in Garrett County. The company hopes to build nine wind turbines ...Two of the wind turbines were denied Federal Aviation Administration approval for determination of no hazard to air navigation.
26 Jan 2013

County to revise wind ordinance

Somerset County Commissioners plan to make revisions to a controversial industrial wind energy ordinance, including increasing the setback from neighboring residential properties. The commissioners also will meet with Steve Smethurst, the attorney for a group of Marion Station opponents, during a work session this week.
2 May 2012

Wind bill potentially more costly than reported

There is nothing in this bill or in any other Maryland law or regulation that will guarantee or limit how much a ratepayer will have to pay extra for offshore wind-generated energy. If this bill is passed and if a developer succeeds in building an offshore wind farm, don't be surprised if the surcharge exceeds $1.50 in 2012 dollars.
4 Apr 2012
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