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Mineral looking for wind farm tax figures

A contract has yet to be drafted, but there was discussion during a work session Tuesday among the county commissioners and representatives from US Wind Force as to how the company would guarantee tax money to come into the county. "I'm trying to protect the people in Mineral County," Commission President Wayne Spiggle said. "I want to try to ensure they have the tax income from this industry. This industry has a unique taxation base."
22 Jul 2009

Frostburg unveils turbine ordinance

Frostburg city officials intend to allow residential wind turbines as high as 165 feet, according to an ordinance read for the first time and passed 4-0 at the mayor and council's public meeting Thursday. Vacationing councilwoman Susan Keller was absent. The ordinance will be presented again at the Aug. 20 council meeting, at which time public comment will be heard and a final vote taken.
19 Jul 2009

Commission: 'Need more facts' about wind farms

Saying the Mineral County Commissioners "need more facts" in regard to the ongoing controversy over wind farms, Pamela Dodds and Judy O'Hara of the Allegheny Front Alliance spoke to the officials at length Tuesday in an attempt to debunk several claims being made by proponents of wind energy. "I believe you need some more facts in order to better understand the claims that are being made," Dodds said. "U.S. Wind Force has made sweeping claims that are inaccurate and misleading."
16 Jul 2009

Wind energy bad for W.Va., Allegheny Front Alliance claims

Though the Mineral County commissioners heard from US Windforce on the Pinnacle project on Green Mountain last month, the Allegheny Front Alliance got the chance Tuesday to try to refute some of the wind developer's claims. The group's nearly hour-long presentation included sentiments that the energy provided by the project was not needed in West Virginia, but in the other states on the PJM grid.
15 Jul 2009

Turbine hearing set for early fall

With support for the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm growing - at least as measured by the volume of letters sent to the West Virginia Public Service Commission - the PSC has established the time and place for the fall hearing on the proposed 23-turbine wind farm just west of Keyser.
15 Jul 2009

Opposition to proposed power line grows on Md. Shore

A $1.2 billion, 150-mile power line that would cross Maryland and lay high-voltage cables under the Chesapeake Bay for the first time has been proposed to ease the threat of blackouts on the growing Delmarva Peninsula. But the proposal is generating opposition from environmentalists, landowners and even business interests in mostly rural Dorchester County, who worry that the project could disrupt farming, damage sensitive marshlands and blight the area's growing tourism.
11 Jul 2009

Garrett commissioners extend wind project easements

The renewal of an easement on county property will help Clipper Windpower's subsidiary, Criterion Power Partners, proceed with financing on its project on Backbone Mountain. "The commissioners agreed to extend the easement," Monty Pagenhardt, Garrett County administrator, said. "(The wind developers) are at a point where they are finally trying to get the financing.
8 Jul 2009

County has face-to-face with U.S. Wind Force reps

Finally face-to-face, the Mineral County Commissioners questioned representatives of U.S. Wind Force Tuesday evening, sticking to the topics that would directly affect the county and its residents. At the top of the question list was the subject of taxes, and how much the company expects to pay into the county once the 23 wind turbines are in place on Green Mountain.
25 Jun 2009

Commissioners looking for answers

The Mineral County Commissioners are hoping to have some questions answered this evening, as they meet with representatives of U.S. Wind Force. The meeting with Wind Force, the company proposing to construct the Pinnacle Wind Farm on Green Mountain above Keyser, was the topic of discussion at the commission's June 9 meeting, when Commission President Wayne Spiggle said he wanted to meet with the group but was not interested in a "sales pitch."
23 Jun 2009

Residents want protection on wind projects

Many local citizens spoke up at a Maryland Public Service Commission meeting about feeling unprotected by state and local government when it comes to a proposed wind turbine project on Backbone Mountain. "As it has been mentioned, Garrett County has no zoning whatsoever," former state Sen. John Bambacus said at the Thursday night meeting at Garrett College.
12 Jun 2009

Wind farm meeting is moved to fall

The West Virginia Public Service commission has rejected a staff-proposed June hearing on the Pinnacle Wind Farm near Keyser in favor of a September hearing to include a tour of the site. The $131 million, 23-turbine wind farm on Green Mountain just west of Keyser is currently under review by the PSC, which must act on the application by early January.
7 Jun 2009

County approves restrictions on industrial wind projects

Citing 14 months of review by the Allegany County Planning and Zoning Commission and four months of their own scrutiny, the county's commissioners voted quickly and unanimously Thursday to make more restrictive the rules for developing industrial wind turbines. The emergency changes to Code Home Rule Bill No. 2-09 diminish the possibility that US WindForce will construct a wind farm atop the northeastern end of Dan's Mountain.
4 Jun 2009

Synergics is back; MD PSC is out

Having been an intervenor in the original Synergics hearing before the Public Service Commission (PSC) several years ago, I am deeply troubled that this issue is back before us again. ...Thanks to the work of Wayne Rogers, Cas Taylor, and Senate President Mike Miller, the PSC was all but written out of the permitting process. So now the PSC is holding yet another meaningless hearing on a resubmitted Synergics wind proposal.
28 May 2009
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