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Western Md. wind project takes shape

After years of planning and bitter debate, Maryland's first commercial wind energy project is taking shape in rugged Garrett County - just as a new legal challenge arises that could alter or even halt the $140 million venture in its tracks.
2 Aug 2010

Wind power program withdrawn before Balto. Co. Council vote

A pilot wind power program for Baltimore County was withdrawn Monday before a County Council vote after community groups complained the measure failed to protect residential areas from nearby turbines. ..."There was a lot of opposition that came in. People weren't paying attention" to the emergence of the bill during a work session last month, he said.
2 Aug 2010

Constellation project under way

The project is still on track to meet its goal of entering commercial operation by the end of the year, he said. But opposition to the project could also be gaining steam. In a June 23 letter, the Garrett-based group Save Western Maryland and the Maryland Conservation Council provided formal notice to Constellation, county government officials and related state and federal agencies that they plan to sue unless Constellation seeks an incidental take permit.
25 Jul 2010

Opponents of Garrett County wind farm threaten lawsuit

To prevent a lawsuit, the opposition groups stated, Baltimore-based Constellation must seek an incidental take permit from USFWS. The permit effectively protects developers from violating the act by creating a plan in advance to deal with the possibility that endangered wildlife could be harmed by a project.
7 Jul 2010

Lawsuit threatened over Western MD wind farm

A group of Western Maryland residents and a state conservation group have filed formal notice they'll sue to stop construction of a wind farm in Garrett County, contending the massive turbines "almost certainly" will harm endangered bats in the forested, mountainous region.
3 Jul 2010

Work at Roth Rock project site under way

Workers have begun clearing timber on the site of what could become one of two commercial wind power facilities atop Backbone Mountain. ...Synergics plans to sell its product to several Maryland state entities, including the University of Maryland, through a 20-year power purchase agreement. Rogers did not specify whether or not that agreement is finalized.
22 May 2010

Garrett group hires lawyer to halt wind farm development

Opponents of a Garrett County wind power project have hired the same attorney who helped another opposition group delay a West Virginia wind farm in federal court. Morgantown attorney Brad Stephens represented the group Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy in opposing the Beech Ridge Energy wind farm during its permit process with the West Virginia Public Service Commission.
10 May 2010

Garrett County wind project deal finalized

Baltimore company Constellation Energy has finalized its acquisition of a Garrett County wind project, closing a deal for the $140 million, 70-megawatt Criterion wind farm with California-based Clipper Windpower Inc. The project, now under construction, is scheduled to go online by the end of 2010.
11 Apr 2010

Our landscape has been pillaged for more than 70 years

Shame on the county commissioners for allowing this to continue and shame on the Maryland legislators for rejecting Delegate Beitzel's legislation to allow the commissioners to establish some controls such as boundary set backs (a day late and a dollar short). Finally, shame on us for allowing the eastern wind barons to bamboozle the citizens of both counties.
7 Apr 2010

Garrett wind project halted temporarily over mud runoff

Maryland's first industrial wind farm has gotten off to a rough start, with construction temporarily halted after environmental regulators discovered mud washing from the remote Garrett County mountaintop site into a tributary of one of the state's wild and scenic rivers. Constellation Energy has scrambled to put in stronger erosion controls as it erects more than two dozen 400-foot-tall turbines along an eight-mile stretch of Backbone Mountain.
2 Apr 2010

Garrett approves revised wind farm project plans

On Tuesday county officials approved a revised project plan for a proposed Garrett wind farm, putting developer Constellation Energy one step closer to building an electrical substation and 28 wind turbines atop Backbone Mountain near Eagle Rock. The Maryland Department of the Environment halted work last week on the site of a planned electrical substation along Eagle Rock Road due to issues with water runoff and erosion controls.
31 Mar 2010

Water runoff issues stall Garrett wind farm construction

Construction on Western Maryland's first wind farm could resume within days, despite some residents' protests, pending a green light from the Garrett Soil Conservation District and the Maryland Department of the Environment. ...MDE spokeswoman Dawn Stoltzfus said construction was halted because of "sediment-laden water" flowing from the site.
30 Mar 2010
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