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Save Western Maryland sues Constellation Energy for violation of the Endangered Species Act

Save Western Maryland filed a federal lawsuit against Constellation Energy Group and their affiliate for violation of the Endangered Species Act, due to Constellation's intrusive installation and operation of an industrial wind power facility on the ridgetop of Backbone Mountain which will result in the killing, injury and other forms of harm to the endangered Indiana Bat.
22 Dec 2010

Western Maryland wrestles with energy future

While Maryland's energy future might lie in harnessing the breezes off Ocean City, the frontier for now is in the same place it's always been - in the mountains of Western Maryland - where the region's winds and coal and natural gas reserves are drawing prospectors. That's unsettling to some environmentalists and Western Marylanders.
13 Dec 2010

Benefits of offshore wind in short supply

It is remarkable Maryland has proceeded so far without a benefit / cost assessment. Even though the whole point is to reduce electric power system emissions, there has been no evaluation of the impact of the wind farm on electric power system CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions. There has been no evaluation of system-wide cost; how much will Maryland offshore wind increase electric bills?
4 Dec 2010

Shaffer urges Mineral County Commission to approve Wind Force 'Bill of Rights'

Shaffer said the escrow agreement would assure that the wind farm "is paid for from the first shovel of dirt to start construction of the wind farm to the decommissioning of the last standing turbine. "This is the document that will protect individual land owners, and guarantee that turbines on leased or purchased land are the responsibility of the group in possessoin of the turbines when their useful life is over.
25 Nov 2010

Garrett wind projects to soon generate power

Two Garrett County wind power projects, the first such in Maryland, are expected to begin commercial operation in a matter of weeks, even as opponents consider taking legal action against the facilties. A 20-turbine wind farm atop Backbone Mountain at Roth Rock is set to become operational by the end of December.
17 Nov 2010

Get set to wait on offshore wind

Despite the reorganization of the federal offshore leasing bureaucracy, it's possible the red tape holding wind projects back might get streamlined, since the Obama and O'Malley administrations both are strongly behind renewable energy. But economic and political obstacles loom as well. As The New York Times reported this week, the Great Recession and cheap natural gas prices have made regulators in some states leery of letting utilities buy power from "green" energy sources.
11 Nov 2010

Feds approve wind farm off Ocean City

The Obama administration opened Maryland's coast to offshore wind farms Monday and is seeking bidders to erect more than 300 turbines in a 206-square-mile area off the coast of Ocean City. The move makes Maryland the second state in the nation, after Delaware, to have reached this stage in off-shore wind development.
8 Nov 2010

Mineral County Commissioners have more questions for U.S. Wind Force

The study, required by the West Virginia Public Service Commission as part of its permitting process, is designed to determine the cost of decommissioning, or dismantling, a wind farm after it has exceeded its useful life. That money is then set aside as a means of ensuring that the useless turbines are not abandoned with no means of funding their removal.
29 Oct 2010

Military threat to Maryland offshore wind development

CIER Researchers said the offshore wind farm would be unlikely to cause problems at other mid-Atlantic radar stations, but would pose an issue for US military operations on air or sea by Maryland's coastline. However, they concluded that with sufficient information regarding these activities, "it may be possible to abate conflict".
27 Oct 2010

Bill focuses on wind turbine feasibility

The bill allows the small devices to be erected on poles up to 100 feet high and remain in place for up to one year. The instruments, which typically consist of three small cups spinning on an axle, can be used to determine wind speed in areas being considered for wind turbine construction.
5 Oct 2010

Baltimore Co. Council to vote on permitting wind speed indicators

Issuing temporary permits for wind speed indicators, known as anemometers, would help determine whether turbines are feasible, said Councilman T. Bryan McIntire, whose rural, northern county district has been the source of much of the opposition. ..."I couldn't see authorizing windmills without even knowing if we had enough wind," McIntire said.
3 Oct 2010

Work resumes at Roth Rock wind project

Inspection confirmed that the site was in compliance, according to MDE spokesman Jay Apperson. But  Apperson declined to comment on the possibility of fines or other punitive measures against Synergics, saying the situation is "still an active case."
30 Sep 2010

Meeting to focus on offshore wind farm

"The state has to meet a certain percentage of its power goals by 2022," she said. "If (the state) took all of its land space sources that currently existed, it wouldn't meet that goal, so offshore wind was identified as a potential source of alternative energy."
19 Sep 2010
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