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CMP's Lewiston line plan zapped by state panel

"CMP has not met its burden of proof in this case," PUC Commission Chairman Jack Cashman said in a written statement. "The utility has not shown to my satisfaction through comprehensive testing or analysis that construction of the Lewiston Loop project is the most cost-effective means of addressing power reliability needs in the Lewiston area."
2 Mar 2011

Board still at odds on wind ordinance issue

Selectman Jeremy Volkernick opened the debate at the meeting Thursday, saying he wished to put the Rumford ordinance back onto the ballot in part because the committee spent seven to nine months in preparing it. However, he noted that the town's Charter says that cannot be done. "There's a lot of pros and cons (to wind power), and I feel the taxpayers of Rumford, when they go and vote, they ought to have a choice," he said.
25 Feb 2011

Baxter's legacy sacrificed on wind altar

With the stroke of a pen, an uninformed governor named John Baldacci sacrificed the natural art work that millions of individuals had grown to love. Maine's landscape was destroyed because of a bill called LD 2283 which sacrificed an entire state to the wind industry.
25 Feb 2011

Record Hill looking for federal guarantee on its loan

Former Gov. Angus King, one of the two principals in the project, said Monday afternoon that the U.S. Department of Energy loan guarantee program was expanded to renewable energy projects, such wind and solar, when the nation's banking difficulties began several years ago. Although he declined to say the amount he and Rob Gardiner, the other principal in the project, are asking to be federally guaranteed, he did say that the company must have a "significant amount of equity and cash."
22 Feb 2011

Wind-energy issues a focus at meetings

Debate over turbine noise and other wind-energy issues is expected to continue in Farmington and New Vineyard, where town officials have prepared ordinances to regulate wind energy within their respective borders. Voters will consider the proposals at annual town meetings in March and April, according to town officials. Selectmen and town officials plan to review public comments and possibly make revisions before final versions are presented to voters.
20 Feb 2011

Selectmen to develop wind ordinance

Selectmen on Thursday scheduled a workshop on a wind turbine ordinance, which will go to voters in June. The workshop will be held at 6 p.m. Feb. 24. Board members discussed whether to have an ordinance similar to one developed by a special wind ordinance committee last year, or to follow Maine State Planning Office regulations on such development.
18 Feb 2011

Brewster passes on wind turbines

After sitting through a grueling public hearing last week, at which more than 100 people testified, and sifting through 1,500 pages of documents submitted both pro and con on building two large municipal wind turbines off Freemans Way, the planning board Wednesday night wrestled with whether the project conformed to conditions laid out in the municipal turbine bylaw.
17 Feb 2011

Franklin County braces for wind ordinance debates

Debates such as this one about turbine noise and other wind-energy issues are expected to continue in Farmington and New Vineyard, where town officials have prepared ordinances to regulate wind energy within their respective borders. Voters will consider the proposals at annual town meetings in March and April.
14 Feb 2011

Anti-wind power activists chart course at Freeport summit

Some of the biggest applause on Saturday was for Wendy Todd, who along with her husband has traveled throughout the state talking about how the Mars Hill wind project has affected her neighborhood. ..."We are tired but we are here and we are not going to grow weary in doing what is good," Todd told the group.
13 Feb 2011

Plantation residents voice concerns over wind project

In the permit application filed with the town, it appears the wires are described as passing alongside the existing Central Maine Power Company utility wires. But in the application filed with the Land Use Regulation Commission, it's clear the wires deviate from the existing CMP lines. Erik Stumpfel, an attorney for Highland Wind from the firm Eaton Peabody, confirmed the developer intends to not follow the CMP corridor exactly.
12 Feb 2011

Peru wind panel discusses state regs

Members of the town Wind Turbine Ordinance Committee and residents gained insight Wednesday night into how state regulations govern wind farms. They also learned that should they develop an ordinance that's more restrictive than Maine Department of Environmental Protection permitting rules for such development, if the two compare apples to apples, DEP will apply the stricter regulations when considering a developer's application.
10 Feb 2011

Peru wind panel discusses state regs

Cassida said DEP now requires developers to make demonstrations during the length of the project to determine sound level compliance, which they didn't do with the Mars Hill project. In that 2001 project, DEP OK'd a variance to 50 decibels without realizing that it would adversely affect people. "If I could turn back time, I'd require that we do that differently," he said.
10 Feb 2011

Temple considers wind energy moratorium

Voters will decide on a wind energy moratorium at their March 7 town meeting. The moratorium would give the town time to prepare an ordinance to cover any potential development of wind farm projects. A committee of about a dozen residents formed Monday to discuss how to handle potential future projects in a way that best protects the town.
9 Feb 2011

Proposed wind power ordinance limitations debated

"I want to encourage the town to make it a little stricter and adapt a 30-decibel limit," Knapp said. He cited the examples of noise complaints at Mars Hill and Vinalhaven's wind power turbine projects. And, he noted that the town of Phillips, which passed at last town meeting a comprehensive wind power zoning ordinance that, in part, was guided by a sound engineer's study and advice, has a noise limit set at 25 decibels."
8 Feb 2011

Groups seek to change DEP rules on wind turbine noise

When the Friends of Spruce Mountain saw their appeal to the Spruce Mountain Wind Project denied last week, the group's lawyer also presented a proposed amendment to Maine's noise rules in the state's Site Location Law. The result of a petition effort by the Maine-based Citizens' Task Force on Wind Power, the amendment would have the Maine Department of Environmental Protection apply different standards to wind turbine noise than to other industrial noise.
8 Feb 2011

Energy group funded via state agency hired mostly Dem lawmakers, activists

"One has to wonder if this was a truly nonpartisan independent group that was working on behalf of lowering energy costs," said Levinthal, "or if this was a political vehicle for the Democratic Party. "If an organization such as this is stacked with people who are clearly very active in one party and members of a certain party, you might be scratching your head if you're a Republican or independent as well."
7 Feb 2011

Maine BEP denies Spruce Mountain appeal

Rufus Brown said it wasn't enough to let potentially problematic turbines be built before dealing with the consequences. He took offense to Smith's assertion that it was unfair to submit Patriot to another hearing. "That is exactly upside-down," Brown said. "It is fundamentally unfair to the people in this neighborhood to this project ... when there are so many uncertainties."
4 Feb 2011

Brooksville enacts wind power moratorium, energy conservation ordinances

Brooksville voters enacted two energy-related ordinances in a special town meeting on January 27. The meeting lasted less than 20 minutes. The first ordinance established a 180-day moratorium on wind power development. The second authorized residents to participate in a federal/state loan program to finance energy efficiency improvements to their buildings.
3 Feb 2011

Woodstock wind farm up for appeal

Those appealing the wind project claim that such a project would have adverse affects on the area's economy, particularly as it relates to tourism. The appeal also lists objections to noise, shadow flicker, strobe lights, tree removal, potential dangers to birds and animals and a variety of other possible problems. This project is one of four Patriot Renewables LLC of Quincy, Mass., is planning for the Western Maine area.
3 Feb 2011
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