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Could utilities lose money on Bingham wind farm?

"Under the legislation, the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) receive 2.75 percent remuneration for payments under the contracts, however this amount is expected to be less than the amount of legal expense incurred to obtain approval of the solicitation process, approval of the contracts and compliance with ongoing reporting and rate setting requirements." While that sounds like Unitil may be losing money, Unitil is not quite sure yet to expect. 
6 Jul 2015

The King wind saga: When Record Hill hit Capitol Hill

It was a wind project that received federal funding based on the use of new technology to prevent turbulence, but the development certainly stirred up a political windstorm. David Carkhuff examines the controversy following former Maine Governor Angus King's foray into wind development in Maine. 
18 Jun 2015

Maine wind energy advocates unveil study touting industry’s benefits

O’Connor said the goals set down in the 2008 of 2,000 megawatts of installed wind energy in Maine by 2020 were unrealistic and should be removed from state law. “If the government must choose winners and losers, it must also make adjustments when the predicted winners turn out to be losers,” O’Connor said. She said large-scale wind developers had deep pockets and easily can run over local people who may be in opposition to their projects.
6 May 2015

Nominee for PUC disagrees with LePage on some issues

One of the biggest and broadest challenges ahead in the electricity world is how to pay for the grid upgrades expected to cost about $1.5 trillion nationally between 2010 and 2030, an estimate developed by consultants at The Brattle Group. ...“It all has to make sense for the economics,” Williamson said in a phone interview Monday. “As soon as you start draining money off to pay utilities, you have less to do other things.”
5 May 2015

SunEdison halts talks with Maine regulators on wind energy deals

Renewable energy developer SunEdison has decided not to seek a long-term contract with Maine utilities for its Weaver Wind project, following the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s reconsideration of the terms of a 25-year power purchasing agreement. The company withdrew its project from consideration in a filing Monday.
4 May 2015

Landowner wants to erect 3,000 solar panels in Knox County field

Selectman Duane Vigue said the moratorium is being proposed to allow the planning board time to conduct research since the town has no standards for reviewing a solar panel farm. He said the project would be located in the middle of the historic district of town and the town wants to make sure it does not hurt the neighbors.
31 Mar 2015

Minority voice on Maine utility board staying on after term expires

David Littell, the only member of the Public Utilities Commission who regularly disagrees with Gov. Paul LePage, says he will work on at least three major cases. The lone commissioner at the Maine Public Utilities Commission who has been at odds with the energy policies of Gov. Paul LePage says he’s going to remain on the job after his term expires on March 31.
25 Mar 2015

Long-term wind deals in Hancock, Somerset counties will be reconsidered

The Maine Public Utilities Commission voted Wednesday to take a second look at the terms of two long-term wind purchasing deals the three-person commission approved in December. The makeup of the commission has changed since the December approval, with Carlisle McLean joining the panel in place of former chairman Tom Welch, who retired early at the end of 2014.
26 Feb 2015

Osborn approves multimillion-dollar agreement for new wind farm

Of the $1.87 million, $1.12 million would be in the form of annual payments of $56,000 ($4,000 for each turbine) over 20 years. That much is mandated by state law, which says wind developers must compensate host communities such as Osborn. Of the remaining $750,000, one-third of it would come in a lump sum payment that the town would be required to use for public safety costs. The other $500,000 would be a second lump sum payment for an energy conservation fund. 
26 Feb 2015

Iberdrola weighs 100MW in Maine

In 2013, the Fletcher Mountain project was awarded a 15-year power purchase agreement with a group of four Massachusetts utilities. However, Iberdrola cancelled the contract after failing to receive corporate approval, according to a regulatory filing.
13 Jan 2015

No need to rush on wind power

I applauded your recent editorial concerning the leveling of playing fields concerning the wind power industry. It basically stated everything we, the residents of North Orland, have long been saying. There are copious amounts of money being proffered to any community willing to have them. Ask any selectmen if they have it in writing about the amount mentioned by the various mailings sent by the company wishing to erect the turbines. I refer to it as the “shiny sparkly” (a quote from “The Secret of Nimh”) in which the crow is dazzled by the sparkly object and easily dissuaded from the subject at hand.
4 Jan 2015

Conflict looms over CMP sister company’s plan for mountain wind farm

Plans to build a major wind project in the western Maine mountains could again test the legal separation between power generators and distribution utilities, a bedrock rule in deregulation of the state’s electric industry 15 years ago. The project is being proposed by Iberdrola Renewables, a subsidiary of Central Maine Power’s parent company. ...Although the layout is still being refined, plans call for up to 33 turbines reaching 500 feet high. 
30 Dec 2014
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