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Rumford wind ordinance defeated

Town officials will now have to wait to hear from Boston-based wind developer First Wind if Tuesday's defeat kills their interest in still pursuing a $65 million wind farm on Rumford hills. The current moratorium on wind projects expires on July 25.
15 Jun 2011

Maine governor questions offshore wind push

The administration of Maine Gov. Paul LePage is questioning state support for a $20 billion offshore wind project planned for the Gulf of Maine ...LePage's energy advisers are reportedly skeptical that offshore wind development would reduce the state's dependence on foreign oil.
1 Jun 2011

LePage administration questions feasibility of offshore wind power

LaBrecque contends that plans for offshore wind would be contradictory to energy efficiency goals. He said that by adding more heat pumps, thermal storage units and charging vehicles to the electric grid would only increase energy demands and thus increase the fossil fuels needed to account for demand, especially when renewable energy cannot make a "hairline scratch in energy consumption rates."
1 Jun 2011

Mandates on renewable power raised prices

The Maine Public Utility Commission's analysis showed that the first two years of the increased renewable energy mandate added $7 million to Maine ratepayer's electric bills. Rather than continue the automatic increases to the renewable energy source mandate, we think there is a better approach by allowing consumer choice while still supporting renewable energy development.
21 May 2011

Wind power proposal debated in Hancock County

Tuesday night's public hearing followed a full day of technical testimony during which First Wind subsidiary Blue Sky East and Concerned Citizens of Rural Hancock County, a group that is opposed to the project, each presented information to the commission. Blue Sky East is proposing to erect 19 turbines, each 476 feet tall.
18 May 2011

Time for wind reality check

The very character and quality of place we enjoy here in Maine is too valuable to risk on unsubstantiated and unproven claims by the pro-wind cabal. Mainers would be within their rights to request a clinical analysis of the UMPI experiment.
17 May 2011
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