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Golden eagles, wind power don't mix

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request show that TransCanada submitted a permit application to the Army Corps of Engineers for a federal "take" permit at the Sisk location. This indicates that the company knows the project could possibly interfere with or kill golden eagles. They are not pursuing the "take"permit at this time but say they will institute a long-term monitoring program.
7 Jul 2011

Guides say Bowers Mountain wind project would disrupt wildlife, harm business

EUREKA -- If local proponents have their way, the North Coast may be tapping into water, wind and fire to slip the bonds of energy dependence. But it was a cross-examination by attorney Juliet T. Browne, who represents Champlain, a subsidiary of Massachusetts-based First Wind, that might have helped Corrigan’s case against the project when her questions led to an admission from scenic consultant James Palmer that wildlife guides might lose customers if the project goes forward.
6 Jul 2011

Biodiversity Research Institute studies wind turbine dangers to wildlife

"Wind developers and wildlife managers in both the U.S. and Europe have called for the collection of pre-construction monitoring data to minimize the potential impacts of facilities on wildlife," says Kate Williams, director of BRI's wildlife and renewable energy program. "This can be a hot-button issue, but BRI's main goal is to provide sound scientific data to decision makers.
30 Jun 2011

Forest fires and wind turbines: The danger no one is talking about

That 220-acre California fire had been contained by 45 firefighters, two helicopters and two bulldozers. The 69-acre fire was contained with the help of 15 fire engines, four hand crews and four planes. A 5-acre California fire was extinguished by six fire engines, three water trucks, two helicopters, two tanker planes, a bulldozer and three hand crews.
30 Jun 2011

Wind power fears bring independent types together

The unbroken horizon of water, woods and sky is an essential part of their brand, the guides say. It's a reason generations of sportsmen come here. The guides fear that views of turbine towers on distant ridges and blinking lights in the pitch-black sky will offend visitors who value the feeling of wilderness, and prompt them to go elsewhere.
28 Jun 2011

Nowhere's special

Guides and sporting camp owners are highly independent, but Bowers Mountain has led them to organize against wind power. Several are expected to testify Monday and Tuesday evening at public hearings in Lincoln before the Land Use Regulation Commission.
26 Jun 2011

Gov. LePage takes the stage in Rockport

The governor said he does not support wind power development or renewables because they generate expensive electricity. "We need cheaper energy for everybody and to get away from these feel-good solutions," he said. The audience replied with an equal measure of applause and boos.
23 Jun 2011

Activists stick to their guns

Two activists took the stand Monday to defend their actions during a protest last summer of the Kibby Mountain wind power project, and they struggled to answer questions about whether they broke the law to get attention.
21 Jun 2011

Kibby Mountain wind farm protesters go on trial Monday

"It was a really important moment for Earth First! to take a strong stand against industrial wind power," Perkins said. "Most environmental groups in this country are sort of blindly following the solution trail that corporate energy has laid out for us." Earth First! believes wind power is a "false solution to climate change."
18 Jun 2011

Rumford wind ordinance defeated

Town officials will now have to wait to hear from Boston-based wind developer First Wind if Tuesday's defeat kills their interest in still pursuing a $65 million wind farm on Rumford hills. The current moratorium on wind projects expires on July 25.
15 Jun 2011

Maine governor questions offshore wind push

The administration of Maine Gov. Paul LePage is questioning state support for a $20 billion offshore wind project planned for the Gulf of Maine ...LePage's energy advisers are reportedly skeptical that offshore wind development would reduce the state's dependence on foreign oil.
1 Jun 2011

LePage administration questions feasibility of offshore wind power

LaBrecque contends that plans for offshore wind would be contradictory to energy efficiency goals. He said that by adding more heat pumps, thermal storage units and charging vehicles to the electric grid would only increase energy demands and thus increase the fossil fuels needed to account for demand, especially when renewable energy cannot make a "hairline scratch in energy consumption rates."
1 Jun 2011
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