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Conservation group slams 'secret' work between governors, utilities

“The states and NESCOE are deliberately working out the details of this plan in secret, consistent with the view of one of NESCOE’s staffers that the plan should be ‘formulated behind closed doors’ because the ‘court of public opinion can be fickle and recalcitrant,’ ” Courchesne wrote, quoting an email from a NESCOE staff member to Executive Director Heather Hunt.
25 Jun 2014

Boost for Northern Pass partners?

The six New England governors, working with the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCO) and regional grid operators, have launched a process under which Northern Pass partners may be able to acquire substantial ratepayer funding and eminent domain powers for the controversial plan to bring hydroelectricity from Quebec into New England.
24 Jun 2014

Canton OKs money to rebuild road; rejects five ordinances

The project is part of a larger plan that could include similar wind projects in the neighboring towns of Dixfield and Carthage. Those projects are also being developed by Patriot Renewables. The company has been working with the three towns for several years. Canton was the only one of the three not to request a moratorium on wind energy projects.
14 Jun 2014

Maine poll exposes softness in wind energy support

“For years wind developers have peddled the general benefits of wind energy, and they have a lot of financial resources behind them that we’ll never match. People certainly want to believe it’s all good. But impacts to Maine exceed the benefits ...Mainers expect tangible benefits for the enormous investment the government is forcing taxpayers and ratepayers to make in wind energy.”
20 May 2014

Maine public advocate withdraws opposition to wind energy deal

Public Advocate Timothy Schneider said the move was made after his office reviewed its previous position and decided that the deal would not undermine state utility regulation or threaten ratepayers with higher energy prices. “We have a mandate to protect ratepayers,” said Schneider.
6 May 2014

Maine board sets stage for rejection of $100 million wind project

The Maine Board of Environmental Protection took a preliminary vote Thursday toward rejecting a proposed $100 million wind farm in the Downeast Lakes region. First Wind turbines spin on Stetson Mountain. The Maine Board of Environmental Protection took a preliminary step Thursday toward rejecting a wind farm in Penobscot County.
1 May 2014
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