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Turbine damage still a mystery

Conlan Kennedy, NextEra communication specialist, said the turbine was damaged the night of April 16. Members of a NextEra wind technician team said there was a big storm in the area that night and the team was investigating the possibility of a lightning strike but the cause is still under investigation, Kennedy said.
28 Apr 2020

OSHA opens investigation after another worker injured at Ninnescah Wind Farm

The U.S. Department of Labor has opened a second investigation at a Pratt County wind farm after two workers were injured in separate incidents in less than a week. The latest incident happened Wednesday night after a 4-pound bolt fell and struck Blattner Energy employee Gary Newman on the head – knocking him unconscious. ...NextEra Energy Resources contracted with Blattner Energy to be the general contractor for the construction site.
7 Jul 2016

Wind farms could endanger small aircraft, study says

Wind energy turbine farms could be hazardous for small aircraft. That’s the conclusion of a study done by the University of Kansas for the Kansas Department of Transportation. “These turbines can set up a circular vortex that can roll a plane if it gets in there,” said Tom Mulinazzi, a KU professor of civil, environmental and architectural engineering.
18 Jan 2014

Study finds small aircraft face risks at airports near wind farms

Current Federal Aviation Administration guidelines only evaluate vertical structures from a static perspective within an airport zone. However, wind farms are dynamic with spinning blades that can create rotational vortices. "This research points out a shortcoming in the current evaluation process and that is why this is so important.”
15 Jan 2014

Wind turbine didn't have permits

lanning and Development Director Nancy Scott said that is not the case and that the city regulates their placement only in the interest of public safety and to protect neighbors from nuisances such as noise or shadow flicker caused by spinning blades catching the sunlight. In Myers' case, Scott said, the city was responding to a complaint by another citizen and Myers' first problem was that he never submitted plans for the city's approval or sought a required conditional use permit.
8 Jun 2013

Wind shift damages turbine

"There was a cold front that came through two weeks ago," said Kurt Bookout, public utilities director. "During the night we had the wind switch from 35 to 45 out of the south to 50 to 60 out of the north in the middle of the night." As the wind turbine was turning into the wind the blade tips deployed and flaired out as a braking mechanism. That caused one of the tips to break.
9 Nov 2012

Cleanup to close US-56 near Osage City

All lanes of US-56 highway from the K-31 junction in Osage County to the K-99 junction in Lyon County will be closed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Thursday and Friday so crews can remove from a ditch an overturned semi-trailer that was hauling a wind turbine tower.
10 Apr 2012

Pratt pilots object to wind turbines

“Itinerant pilots unfamiliar with the tower array will be at greatest risk, in marginal VFR visibilities. Those pilots may be entering the array before they visually detect it. The entire outer boundary of the array will not be visible from any given point during marginal VFR conditions because the proposed tower array covers approximately 16 square miles within the 8-mile radius,” according to the letter.
12 Jul 2011
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