Library from Kansas

Kansas Kansas House rejects repeal of renewable energy standards 2 May 2014
Kansas Lawmakers to vote on altered renewable energy bill 2 May 2014
Kansas Missouri Missouri Farm Bureau opposes eminent domain for Grain Belt Express 18 Apr 2014
Kansas Wind energy a force in Kansas, industry report says 10 Apr 2014
Kansas House rejects bill repealing Kansas' RPS energy mandate 27 Mar 2014
Kansas Full Senate votes to repeal renewable standards 26 Mar 2014
Kansas Senate votes to repeal renewable energy standards 26 Mar 2014
Kansas Senate panel advances bill to repeal renewable energy standards 20 Mar 2014
USA Indiana Kansas Missouri Wind power line proposal Irks some midwest farmers 16 Mar 2014
Kansas Battle over renewable energy ahead in legislative session 1 Mar 2014
Kansas County allows wind energy company to apply for construction of two meteorological towers west of Baldwin City 26 Feb 2014
Kansas Farm interests want more input on power lines 23 Feb 2014
Kansas Wind farm substation burglarized 19 Feb 2014
Kansas Snakes and prairie chickens pit development against species preservation in Kansas 9 Feb 2014
Kansas Utility companies lobby for lower solar reimbursement 5 Feb 2014
Kansas Wind farms could endanger small aircraft, study says 18 Jan 2014
Kansas Kansas Chamber to back repeal of renewable energy standard, get involved in education issues 16 Jan 2014
USA Kansas Study finds small aircraft face risks at airports near wind farms 15 Jan 2014
USA Texas Florida Kansas New Mexico Oklahoma Feds seek comment on lesser prairie chicken proposal 14 Dec 2013
Kansas County puts brakes on wind farms 13 Dec 2013
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