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County OKs permit for second Spearville wind farm

A proposal to build Spearville's second wind farm won approval from the Ford County Commission on Monday. The commission signed off on a conditional use permit and development plan for the first phase of a wind farm on the Ironwood site. The site is located on the south and east sides of Spearville and extends up into Hodgeman County.
18 Aug 2010

Company ends Reno wind farm effort

With a decision by a Texas-based company to end its effort in signing up acreage for a potential wind farm in southeast Reno County, no other commercial wind projects are visible on the horizon for the county. Not that the effort by Horizon Wind Energy was really visible, or that the decision makes the county any less viable as a candidate for development, local wind experts say.
19 Jul 2010

Wind farm ends plans near Wichita

Horizon Wind Energy has pulled the plug on its proposed wind farm north of Cheney Reservoir, saying it can't compete with likely future development. ...Several landowners in the area said most farmers in Horizon's target area felt their land had a higher value as 5-acre rural housing lots or even suburban housing lots.
6 Jul 2010

For now, Fort Hays turbine plans stall amid talk

The fate of a proposed wind energy generation facility at Fort Hays State University remains uncertain. Members of the Hays Area Planning Commission discussed the proposed two-tower project at their Monday evening meeting, but no recommendation was made. FHSU has requested the commission to modify existing city ordinances.
22 Jun 2010

Landowners plan for wind projects

More than 60 landowners in southwest Ellis County and southeast Trego County have organized to market their land for wind development. The group, which calls itself Butterfield Wind, is working with Bannister Capital Advisors, headed up locally by attorney and Fort Hays State University dean Mark Bannister.
12 Apr 2010

Hays Wind seeks approval of relocation of 15 turbines

As the result of a settlement last year involving Hays Wind, Ellis County and 21 plaintiffs, 15 turbines in the project area had to be relocated. Hays Wind, owned by Iberdrola Renewables, has proposed 18 turbines in its permit application, but is requesting approval of only 15, according to spokeswoman Jan Johnson.
9 Apr 2010

Approval of Westar fee angers trade group

A wind-energy trade group is blasting a federal regulatory decision that will let Westar Energy impose additional charges on wind producers when the renewable energy is exported to other states. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the charges, saying they were just and reasonable to help Westar manage wind power on the electric grid.
19 Mar 2010

County approves wind agreements

The Ellis County Commission unanimously approved road maintenance, payment-in-lieu-of-taxes and decommissioning agreements between the county and Hays Wind LLC on Monday night. All three agreements are pending approval by Hays Wind representatives. ...The PILOT replaces property tax collection on the project, which is exempt under state law.
22 Dec 2009

Wind farm resolution in Ellis County on horizon

Ellis County commissioners said Monday night they would meet in open session with Counselor Dennis Davidson at next week's meeting to discuss a few final details with decommissioning, road maintenance and payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements. "We're at the point now where we know what we need as a county," Commission Chairman Perry Henman said.
15 Dec 2009

Ellis County Zoning: anticipating the opportunity for personal gain

The one piece of business discussed by the commission came from Commissioner Keith Campbell. Mr. Campbell proposed that the commission adopt a bylaw which said that when considering board business, if a commissioner "anticipated the opportunity" to personally benefit by the action of the board in the value of $1000 or more, that commissioner should publicly state that. ...Because of the avowed interest of some current and past members of the zoning commission in securing personal contracts with corporations seeking to put wind energy conversion systems in Ellis County, some members of the public were interested in greater transparency in the operation of the zoning board.
20 Nov 2009

Kansas Supreme Court upholds ban on commercial wind farms in scenic Flint Hills

In a case pitting the beauty of the Flint Hills against large wind farms, the Flint Hills won. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday in favor of a zoning ordinance in Wabaunsee County that prohibits commercial wind farms. Poised as the third best state in the country for wind power and on the cusp of a renewable energy revolution, Kansas has the potential to be at the epicenter of the wind industry.
30 Oct 2009

New energy economics: wind energy myths

In the last six months, I have devoted most of my time to wind energy because of all the recent development activity in the region. Part of my program entails delivering seminars and workshops on the topic. It always surprises me the false impressions or myths that some people have about wind energy and its potential.
15 Aug 2009

Kansas chapter of the Sierra Club outrages Kansans

The following letter was posted on the Kansas Prairie blog by Peg Britton. It was sent to Ms. Britton from Dennis Farney, a retired writer for the Wall Street Journal who lives in Kansas City and has great love for Kansas. The material in his letter offers insight on how some environmental organizations view Kansas.
3 Aug 2009

Wind speeds in Kansas show slow down, study says

How about this for a new state slogan: Kansas, not as windy as you think? A study of long-term wind speed trends suggests just that - winds across the United States, in Kansas and a few other states in particular, have been steadily decreasing since 1973. The study, to be published in August in the Journal of Geophysical Research, is the first of its kind in the U.S. Using data from wind monitors, the study found that winds had slowed across the U.S. by about 10 percent over 30 years.
20 Jul 2009
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