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Wind lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit filed by more than two dozen Ellis County landowners and a prospective wind developer against the Ellis County Commission was dismissed Wednesday. Dismissal comes on the heels of zoning regulation changes passed 2-1 at Monday's commission meeting.
8 Apr 2011

Commission talks wind changes

The Ellis County Joint Planning Commission addressed wind energy regulation recommendations during Wednesday night's meeting. It came about after the Ellis County Commission suggested the commission address specific changes proposed by Mark Bannister of Butterfield Wind during the planning commission's December meeting. The three most-discussed areas of the suggested changes were wind turbine setbacks, notification and protest petition areas, and decibel levels.
25 Feb 2011

Studies continue for Kansas wind farm

Jarboe also said that Donica Creek has enough land now to move forward with construction, once studies come back. They are also waiting for agreements to work out with local utilities to carry the energy produced by the farms.
6 Jan 2011

Meetings will address wind farm possibility

The company has more than a quarter-million acres leased for potential development in a six-county region, including land in Barber, Harper, Kingman, Pratt and Kiowa counties "and a smidgen in Ford County," Pierce said. ...The future phases of Flat Ridge are being developed in 300 MW blocks, but they may be sold to different utilities in smaller amounts.
30 Nov 2010

Nature, energy interests clash in Flint Hills symposium at KU

The Flint Hills pose an environmental dilemma for many green-minded Kansans. The region is a prime spot to harness wind energy while also being close to powerful transmission lines to carry that energy to the cities that need it. However, it is also holds some of the last remaining tallgrass prairie in the country and is home to dwindling bird populations.
6 Nov 2010

FHSU wind turbine plans hit hurdle

The Hays Area Planning Commission unanimously agreed Monday evening that commercial-scale wind turbines should not be allowed within 3 miles of Hays city limits. That recommendation will pass to the Hays City Commission for final action.
19 Oct 2010

FHSU wind plan in limbo

The city's zoning regulations prohibit wind turbines taller than 125 feet in the 3-mile radius surrounding Hays, and that is where the project would be located. The planning commission in 2009 opted to limit the height of turbines in this area to ensure future municipal growth, Fouts said.
21 Sep 2010

County OKs permit for second Spearville wind farm

A proposal to build Spearville's second wind farm won approval from the Ford County Commission on Monday. The commission signed off on a conditional use permit and development plan for the first phase of a wind farm on the Ironwood site. The site is located on the south and east sides of Spearville and extends up into Hodgeman County.
18 Aug 2010

Company ends Reno wind farm effort

With a decision by a Texas-based company to end its effort in signing up acreage for a potential wind farm in southeast Reno County, no other commercial wind projects are visible on the horizon for the county. Not that the effort by Horizon Wind Energy was really visible, or that the decision makes the county any less viable as a candidate for development, local wind experts say.
19 Jul 2010

Wind farm ends plans near Wichita

Horizon Wind Energy has pulled the plug on its proposed wind farm north of Cheney Reservoir, saying it can't compete with likely future development. ...Several landowners in the area said most farmers in Horizon's target area felt their land had a higher value as 5-acre rural housing lots or even suburban housing lots.
6 Jul 2010

For now, Fort Hays turbine plans stall amid talk

The fate of a proposed wind energy generation facility at Fort Hays State University remains uncertain. Members of the Hays Area Planning Commission discussed the proposed two-tower project at their Monday evening meeting, but no recommendation was made. FHSU has requested the commission to modify existing city ordinances.
22 Jun 2010
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