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Cloud County wind turbines to be lowered

At 110 feet, the windmills on a hill south of the campus have been deemed too tall by the Federal Aviation Administration. The chance of losing $1 million in federal grants has prompted the college to take action that could cost up to $150,000. The FAA informed the college roughly a year ago that the windmills are in Blosser Municipal Airport's airspace.
2 Apr 2012

Mars barred from building wind turbine

Despite an incentive agreement that references it, Mars Chocolate North America won't construct a wind turbine for its Topeka site. That is because having a wind turbine on the Kanza Fire Commerce Park would interfere with the airspace of nearby Forbes Field.
24 Feb 2012

Wind farm location draws ire

"The Sandsage Prairie is an ecosystem that is very fragile, and impacting it in a large way could have an impact on the species that depend on that ecosystem," Barton said, adding that two species in particular are the longnose snake and the lesser prairie-chicken.
19 Feb 2012

Zoning board reviews criteria

Commercial wind energy projects will require a "special use" permit, which does not authorize construction of the project until the applicant (developer) has obtained a power purchase agreement for the electricity to be generated.
29 Nov 2011

Commission attorney responds to Indeck's legal position

"Unless Indeck intends to commence construction before the moratorium expires and the county rejects your request for a suspension of the moratorium, the moratorium will have no effect on Indeck," said Hughes. "Thus, threats of litigation over any loss caused by the moratorium are premature and they are ill-founded."
23 Nov 2011

Wind development talks still whirling

Marked by neighbor disputes, county zoning regulations and economic recession, Ellis County remains a county without active wind energy development. Production tax credits are set to expire in 2012, and Kansas' largest wind farm now is taking shape in southern Kansas.
23 Oct 2011

Court orders wind case reconsideration

"This court cannot know how much electricity would be generated from Wabaunsee County wind, and eventually kept out of the interstate power grid, if there were no board prohibition against (commercial wind farms)," Nuss wrote. "This type of information would be relevant (to further analysis)."
21 Oct 2011

County declares moratorium on wind farms

The commissioners' motion claims the development of land for utility scale wind energy production, prior to the adoption of zoning regulations, will threaten the utility and integrity of subsequently adopted zoning regulations, and creates risk of injury to public welfare.
13 Sep 2011

Ripple effect

LINCOLN -- That "swoosh" sound that windmills make as the big blades pass by their towers is a sweet chord to Richard Plinsky.
14 Aug 2011

Even gaping coal pits are better than windmills on Kansas plains

As Kermit the Frog knows, it's not easy being green. When it comes to extracting energy from Mother Earth, you pick your poison. We used to live in Farmington, N.M., near two large power plants and an open-pit coal mine. They weren't pretty, but compared to those windmills the limited land damage of a coal mine and power plant look rather appealing. They are certainly more efficient.
16 Jul 2011

Osage Nation to oppose wind farm development in Osage County

It is my opinion that the proposed projects will have an adverse impact upon the overall ecosystem of the Tallgrass Prairie, a true national treasure. The last remnants of the Tallgrass Prairie run from Osage County northward, into northern Kansas and I believe that the Osage Nation must join others in its protection, restoration, and properly make use of the limited opportunities.
14 Jun 2011

Wind lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit filed by more than two dozen Ellis County landowners and a prospective wind developer against the Ellis County Commission was dismissed Wednesday. Dismissal comes on the heels of zoning regulation changes passed 2-1 at Monday's commission meeting.
8 Apr 2011

Commission talks wind changes

The Ellis County Joint Planning Commission addressed wind energy regulation recommendations during Wednesday night's meeting. It came about after the Ellis County Commission suggested the commission address specific changes proposed by Mark Bannister of Butterfield Wind during the planning commission's December meeting. The three most-discussed areas of the suggested changes were wind turbine setbacks, notification and protest petition areas, and decibel levels.
25 Feb 2011

Studies continue for Kansas wind farm

Jarboe also said that Donica Creek has enough land now to move forward with construction, once studies come back. They are also waiting for agreements to work out with local utilities to carry the energy produced by the farms.
6 Jan 2011
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