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Credits help Utilities go green

Wind farms in Kansas, Nebraska and California will play a role in Colorado Springs Utilities’ compliance with a voter-approved mandate on renewable energy. But homes and businesses in Colorado Springs won’t be getting electricity produced by harnessing wind in those places. Instead, renewable energy credits will be logged into Colorado Springs Utilities’ books.
23 Sep 2006

Fair board considering ways to deal with rising energy costs

HUTCHINSON, Kan. - With this year's Kansas State Fair just ended, officials are already discussing ways to reduce quickly rising utility costs before next year's fair. Fair leaders said Monday they are considering several options for reducing the utility budget, including asking for more money from the Legislature, increasing rental prices for the fair's buildings and using alternative energy.
19 Sep 2006

Blairsburg (IW)

Wind-power-vert-tall_t180_thumb A wind-collecting unit, above, stands more than 60 feet tall outside Blairsburg, Iowa, where one of the largest wind power experiments in the U.S. dots the landscape.
5 Sep 2006

Power potential - Kansas trailing other states in wind energy efforts

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack challenged regulators and utility companies in his state a few years ago to produce 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2010. The push, known as a renewable portfolio standard and other incentives, has helped develop Iowa into a national wind energy leader. With 135 giant wind turbines towering in the rural landscape of Wright and Hamilton counties and several other wind farms in north-central Iowa, the state has become the nation’s third-leading wind-energy producer behind Texas and California.
5 Sep 2006

Sunflower Electric proposes facility for SW Kansas

But Watkins said the real benefit of the center would be its economic impact on southwest Kansas, where alternative energy is becoming a major industry. Several biofuel plants are already under construction and wind farms are increasingly gaining traction. "The real benefit is rural development," Watkins said. "When the (rural) economy grows, our customer base grows. We're all connected at the hip."
26 Aug 2006

County wind-farm proposal discussed

Angela Krummel-Buzard, McPherson planning and zoning administrator, and C. Bickley Foster, a planning consultant, presented a proposal for the resolution pertaining to regulations regarding commercial and energy projects. The electric wind farm station regulation proposal was discussed during the McPherson County planning board and board of zoning appeals meeting Monday.
25 Aug 2006

Energy summit draws crowd to hear experts

Several audience members asked questions and made comments during the forum. Tyler McNeal, Stilwell, said the search for energy should not encroach on America's shrinking tall grass prairie, including in the Flint Hills of Kansas. "Tall grass prairie is considered one of the most important ecological systems in North America; that compares to the rain forest," McNeal said. "I'm concerned that this important, fragile ecosystem is threatened by the development, for instance, of industrial wind turbine complexes."
17 Aug 2006

Sunflower Wind Farm Contract Canceled

Earl Watkins, Sunflower's President and CEO, commenting on the announcement said, "We worked long and hard to make this wind farm a reality, but in the end, the economics of this project were simply not attractive to the investment community."
8 Jul 2006

Wind farm money plan

The county will be receiving a $150,000 annual gift from the windfarm.... Funds “shall be divided annually in equal amounts,” according to the resolution, “whereas one-third will be utilized for community projects, one-third for economic development projects and one-third for general fund reserves.”
4 Jul 2006
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