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Judge Mott rules Commissioners had no authority to issue wind farm permit in northwest Sumner County

In December, the county commissioner overturned a recommendation by the Sumner County Planning Commission to deny a permit.  The commission denied the permit by a 5-3 vote two weeks earlier ...However, Mott cited in a 20-page ruling issued on Sept. 21, that the Commissioners lacked the jurisdiction to approve such a permit and overturn the Planning Commision.
25 Sep 2017

Wind farm blocked in Sumner County

An attorney for a group of landowners who didn't want the wind farm says he learned of the judge's ruling late Thursday. He explains the District Court judge ruled the paperwork for the wind farm was improperly copied from a similar proposal developed last year.
24 Sep 2017

Locals eye Waverly wind farm lawsuits

BURLINGTON – A series of lawsuits involving contractors who haven’t been paid for their services in constructing the Waverly Wind Farm have been continued to Thursday of this week in Coffey County District Court, and are being watched closely by people on both sides of the brewing debate over a wind farm project in eastern Anderson County.
28 Jun 2016
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