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Are wind turbines bad for our health?

"At present, there are also no national or local guidelines regarding density of wind turbines. In the rush to generate sustainable energy, planners are allowing multiple wind farms, which will have an enormous cumulative effect on local residents," the west Clare group, including people from the Coore and Miltown Malbay areas, said in a statement.
25 Oct 2010

Windfarm set to bypass council's planners

The proposal by Clare Coastal Wind Power Ltd for the west-Clare area is also set to be Clare's first "strategic infrastructure" development case, thereby by-passing Clare County Council's planning department and reducing the time spent in the planning process.
31 Aug 2010

Wind farms go abroad for funds

Small wind farm projects say they are being forced to go abroad for finance as they are being refused loans by Irish banks who say they can't access funding due to Irish banking's poor international image. "The Irish co-ops are being told by the Irish banks that they just can't access the money from abroad; that trust has been lost," said an IWEA source.
27 Mar 2010

Locals blowing cold on windfarm plans

Despite claims by a Cavan-based company that there is "little opposition" to plans to place a windfarm in the Gaybrook area of Mullingar, a number of residents were set to meet in Mullingar this week amid concerns over the proposed development. At the time of writing, the residents were due to meet at the Bloomfield House Hotel, Mullingar to discuss a host of concerns, ranging from health issues, to impact on the landscape and local property prices.
3 Feb 2010

Co Antrim wind turbine stalled

The NI Planning Service has still made no decision on an application by a Co Antrim manufacturer to construct a massive wind turbine at its Roughfort Road headquarters. People living near Mallusk plastics company Brett Martin have objected to the firm's plan, raising concerns about the sheer scale of the proposal.
4 Jan 2010

Handful of US suitors vying for SWS's wind farm assets

A handful of US infrastructure funds are understood to be in the final shake-out to buy wind farm assets being sold by SWS, the Cork-based energy and business services group. The potential suitors are vying to acquire SWS's 180 megawatts of operating wind farm assets around the island of Ireland. Bidding for these assets is believed to be running north of €400m, including the assumption of debt attached to the projects.
24 Sep 2009

Maps highlight landslide risk areas

The third wet summer in succession - rainfall for July alone was more than three times above normal in parts of Munster and Leinster - again sparks fears of landslides. We've had several examples in recent years of unexpected slippages which are sometimes described as ‘Ireland's greatest natural hazards', given that we don't have even more devastating phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Landslides are on the increase due mainly to climate change and man's activities, including wind farm construction.
24 Aug 2009

Is it dangerous to live close to wind turbines?

Dr Nina Pierpoint has warned that living too close to wind turbines can cause heart disease, tinnitus, vertigo, panic attacks, migraines and sleep deprivation in groundbreaking research due to be published later this year. ...To date, the Government and wind companies have denied any health risks associated with powerful noise and vibration produced by wind turbines.
3 Aug 2009

New wind farm probe to start

A second public inquiry into the proposed Den Brook wind farm gets under way on Thursday. It is understood the outcome could affect the future of wind farms across the UK. ...The crux of the campaigners' case is that data supplied by RES shows the company has significantly underestimated the effect of atmospheric conditions on the levels of noise likely to be produced. The group is also making submissions on the landscape.
21 Jul 2009

Ideology is driving our energy policy instead of economic reality

Last week the Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE) called for a halt on a proposed €30bn spend on the national energy infrastructure so that a proper assessment of future energy needs as well as the economic benefit of the massive investment in renewable power could be addressed. ...Plans are now afoot to deliver up to 7,800 MW of wind power on the island of Ireland, with a mixture of onshore and offshore projects in the pipeline. It may well help reduce our carbon emissions, but at what cost?
2 Jul 2009

Wind farm turned down over landslide fear

The board overturned the decision after the granting of planning was recommended by An Bord Pleanala's own inspector who recommended the development go ahead with 21 conditions. The inspector gave the go-ahead because of the general suitability of the site for wind power electricity generation, the absence of amenity or conservation designations and the distance from existing housing.
18 Jun 2009

Dispute over Cork wind farm in court

A dispute over an alleged agreement for a €135 million wind farm in Co Cork has come before the Commercial Court. Denis Cremins claims SWS Energy Ltd is in breach of a joint venture agreement (JVA) with him for the construction of a 29-turbine wind farm at Knockacummer, and is seeking orders restraining the development unless all conditions attached to it are fully complied with.
16 Jun 2009

Wind farm 'splitting community'

A proposed wind farm at Drumsurn in County Londonderry has split the community, Limavady's mayor has said. Gaeletric want to erect seven turbines at Smulgedon due to the wind speeds. ...The town's Mayor, Brenda Chivers of Sinn Fein, said: "We're hoping to get all the parties around a table and solve this."
15 Apr 2009

Oriel developer frustrated at planning barriers

The developer of one of the most ambitious wind farm developments in Ireland has expressed frustration at the planning process for renewable energy projects. Brian Britton is co-founder and managing director of Oriel Windfarm, which hopes to build an offshore wind farm with 55 turbines off the north-east coast close to Dundalk. The project has been under development for four years and is at the final stage of the planning process.
29 Mar 2009
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