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Buchanan County Supervisor deny rezoning request

At 9:30 a.m. the public hearing regarding the Thomas and Kimberly Rourke rezoning request was held, to rezone 89 acres in Sections 6 & 7, Fairbank Township from A1 agricultural to A2 agricultural for the purpose of constructing three small wind turbines for a small wind energy development. ...most residents that were present for the hearing agreed with the zoning commission’s decision, to deny the request, citing health concerns, concerns for livestock and that fact that the site was too close to town.
31 Jul 2015

US Wildlife looking at impact of accidental kills by wind farms

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is developing an environmental impact statement to evaluate the potential of issuing incidental take permits for protected bird and bat species if regional wind industry development grows. According to a news release by the service, the states within the plan are Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. It is called the Midwest Wind Energy Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan.
20 Jun 2015

Fire damages wind turbine near Westboro

"On approach, we could see a lot of heavy smoke coming from the turbine," said Manchester. "As we got closer, we were able to see there was quite a bit of flame coming from the top portion of the turbine where the blades attach. We were advised by Iberdrola not to approach the turbine, just due to the safety factor, because there was a lot of debris that was burning and falling off.
19 May 2015

Nevada’s wind turbines no longer making cents

“The windmills were a generous gift that served us well for a decade,” said Superintendent Steve Gray. “The first 10 years, they made us money; the last 10 years we’ve gotten as much out of them as we’ve put in; if we keep them 10 more years, they will turn into a money pit and run us a deficit.”
29 Apr 2015

Court: Iowa eminent domain laws must be strictly followed

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that county officials failed to follow state law when preparing to condemn more than 2,000 acres of farmland to build a lake ...the case is important because major crude oil pipeline and wind energy transmission line projects are pending before the Iowa Utilities Board, which has yet to determine whether eminent domain may be used to force landowners to sell farmland for the projects.
12 Apr 2015

Supervisors move forward with ordinance

Black Hawk County supervisors want to ensure a full public airing of any concerns regarding a proposed ordinance that would offer tax breaks for wind turbines, even as little of the apprehension expressed so far relates directly to the proposal.
2 Apr 2015

Proposed wind-energy transmission line jolts some farmers

“In our opinion, the RICL transmission line does not serve a public good in the state,” Sheridan said. “No electricity will be used in Iowa. They’re also promoting the development of thousands of wind turbines in western Iowa and South Dakota. If somebody wants to put a bunch of wind turbines on your land, it’s a personal choice. This is not a personal choice."
23 Nov 2014

Iowa college’s wind energy dream runs into grid reality

Alliant Energy, which serves the college, said it likely would have to curtail much of the project’s energy production because another wind developer had applied for an interconnection agreement first. The combined production, according to Alliant, likely would overload the local distribution circuit.
27 Oct 2014

TIFing at windmills: a political hot potato in N.W. Iowa

When Al Brueggeman agreed to allow two wind turbines on his high ground, it was with the promise of tax relief from a $207 million wind farm that now juts from the landscape in far northwest Iowa. But six years after 60 turbines began whirring, the farmer learned Osceola County leaders have been discretely plotting to use that money elsewhere for the next 20 years.
21 Sep 2014

Opponents vow to fight contentious Siouxland electrical project

Landowners opposed to a 500-mile overhead electrical transmission line starting in O’Brien County continue to lobby for legislation aimed at slowing or stopping the project. At issue is the $2 billion Rock Island Clean Line, which would transport electricity generated from wind farms in Northwest Iowa and surrounding states to the Chicago area and other eastern points.
13 Apr 2014

Wind turbine manufacturer suing West Branch

Muckler, in his April 16, 2013, letter to Acciona, contended the company failed to maintain 110 full-time jobs and continue payment of a median wage for 95 employees. Acciona was ordered to bring its workforce up to 110 employees by May 17, 2013, or the agreement would be cancelled. On May 20, 2013, the City of West Branch passed a resolution cancelling the agreement.
11 Mar 2014

Landowners on Clean Line route eye legislative bill

The bill, HF2056, would somewhat limit the company’s ability to use eminent domain to force landowners to let the lines cross their property. But lawmakers did drop one part of the proposed bill that would have required 25 percent of the energy carried on the high voltage line to stay in Iowa.
18 Feb 2014
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