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Residents lobby county for more wind turbine rules

“I don’t think our ordinance with a 60 decibel sound limit and no word of a setback from an occupied residence protects my health and well-being,” McGarvey said. “In effect, they have trespass rights on my property with ice throw, blade throw, whatever. That isn’t right.” Resident Greg Cory joined those calling for county government leaders to start the discussion now.
2 Aug 2017

County turbine discussions continue

During Tuesday's Clay County Board of Supervisor's meeting, county supervisors shared information, updates and asked questions regarding concerns raised about wind turbines that were stated at a prior meeting. Named the Upland Prairie Wind project, the proposed endeavor by Apex noted on its website that the project will produce 300 megawatts of energy, powering 102,000 homes. The wind energy project would see wind turbines in the northwest part of Clay County, around the townships of Waterford and southern Lone Tree.
26 Apr 2017

Opinions strong against Kossuth County wind ordinance

Dennis Meyer referenced comments that were made in an article about the decision being about the money that will come into the county coffers. “You have given into the wind energy companies and allowed them to tell the county what works for them,” he said. “You have taken it totally out of the farmers and the property owners that are going to live around them. You also said you are doing what’s best for the majority of the county with no regard to adjacent landowners.”
21 Mar 2017

Zoning Commission denies request to rezone to A2 for Fairbank wind turbines

INDEPENDENCE/FAIRBANK - On Wednesday, Aug. 2, Buchanan County Zoning & Planning Commission met at the Independence Public Health Building to discuss and vote on a request to rezone two parcels in Section 7, Fairbank Township, in proximity to Buchanan County’s Amish settlement. The request seeks permission from the Commission to rezone the site from A1 to A2 for the purpose of leasing out the land to Optimum Renewables for the construction of three small wind turbines at that location.
5 Sep 2015

Buchanan County Supervisor deny rezoning request

At 9:30 a.m. the public hearing regarding the Thomas and Kimberly Rourke rezoning request was held, to rezone 89 acres in Sections 6 & 7, Fairbank Township from A1 agricultural to A2 agricultural for the purpose of constructing three small wind turbines for a small wind energy development. ...most residents that were present for the hearing agreed with the zoning commission’s decision, to deny the request, citing health concerns, concerns for livestock and that fact that the site was too close to town.
31 Jul 2015

Input sought for wind turbine ordinance

Council member Brian Sokol told the Toledo City Council he was seeking input for an ordinance regulating wind turbines in the city of Toledo. ...the council voted to form a committee to research the topic of residential wind turbines and provide input for an ordinance to regulate them.
28 Dec 2010

WDM wind turbine ordinance amended

The amendment alters maximum tower height from 100 feet under the previous ordinance to 65 feet for lots between 1 acre and 3 acres in size, 80 feet for lots between 3 acres and 7 acres in size, and 100 feet for lots larger than 7 acres in size. It also specifies than any earthen berm, terrace or retaining wall used to elevate the turbine be considered a part of the turbine itself.
21 May 2010

Zoning board hammers out wind turbine rules

The Plymouth County Zoning Board is shaping a county ordinance that will determine where and how wind turbines can be built and maintained. "The reason we're working on this is we think the county should have something in place before the windmill field and windmill companies come in and decide to build," said board chairman Ralph Klemme.
23 Mar 2010

Green energy options spark new ordinances

"One of the things that we're looking at as a part of this overall rewrite is should we allow wind turbines? And if we do, how do we allow wind turbines within city limits?" said Spirit Lake City Administrator Mark Stevens. "We have the desire to help people move toward energy efficiency and sustainability, but we have to counter this with concerns over property values, aesthetics and safety"
30 Dec 2009

Utilities board OKs wind power expansion by MidAmerican

MidAmerican Energy won a battle Thursday over who will reap more power and profits from Iowa's wind. The Iowa Utilities Board approved the Des Moines utility's request to build wind farms producing 1,001 megawatts of power. The board rejected arguments that such an expansion would give MidAmerican an advantage over rival wind producers in attracting investors and would slow further wind energy development in Iowa.
6 Nov 2009
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