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Worker injured by fall inside wind turbine

Beaver Creek Phase II, now under construction across Greene County near the town of Dana, IA is a MidAmerican project. It is slated to host 85 Vestas V110-2.0 turbines for a total nameplate capacity of 170 megawatts. The project started construction in May and is expected to be operational in December of 2018. 
28 Aug 2018

TPI Composites hires George W. Bush administration official to help fight OSHA citations

The investigation found hundreds of cases of injuries resulting from epoxy resin used to fabricate wind blades. Exposure to the chemicals caused some workers to develop skin sensitization, essentially an allergy developed over time. Some workers say that after they reported the injuries, they were let go. Former employees at TPI in Newton have filed a lawsuit against the wind turbine manufacturer. 
8 Aug 2018

Wind farm worker killed inside Iowa wind turbine

A NextEra wind-turbine maintenance worker has been killed while working on a project in Iowa. According to a statement released by the local sheriffs office, the worker fell while inside the tower of the Clipper Windpower 2.5MW Liberty turbine located at the Endeavor wind centre. Reports say he fell over 60 feet.
25 Aug 2011

Fines for deadly Worth County windfarm accident

A North Dakota based construction company is facing three proposed penalties following a deadly Iowa wind farm accident last October. ..."The employer did not ensure the all terrain fork truck operators were competent and capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards." IOSHA claims Wanzek "did not instruct each employee in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations.
30 Dec 2008

Worker burned atop wind turbine

The worker is an employee of Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer. A spokesman with that company said the incident was under investigation and details would be provided when they became available. Olavarria said the worker was outside the turbine in front of its nose when the explosion and fire occurred. It's not clear what caused the explosion or what burned, but the turbines do have lubricating oil inside, she said.
3 Dec 2008
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