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Proposed wind farm raises concerns

A proposed wind farm in Palo Alto County was a main concern during the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, November 17. Several local area farmers as well as representatives from Steier Ag Aviation were on hand to discuss concerns over how a wind farm could potentially affect area farmers.
24 Nov 2015

Nevada’s wind turbines no longer making cents

“The windmills were a generous gift that served us well for a decade,” said Superintendent Steve Gray. “The first 10 years, they made us money; the last 10 years we’ve gotten as much out of them as we’ve put in; if we keep them 10 more years, they will turn into a money pit and run us a deficit.”
29 Apr 2015

Iowa college’s wind energy dream runs into grid reality

Alliant Energy, which serves the college, said it likely would have to curtail much of the project’s energy production because another wind developer had applied for an interconnection agreement first. The combined production, according to Alliant, likely would overload the local distribution circuit.
27 Oct 2014

TIFing at windmills: a political hot potato in N.W. Iowa

When Al Brueggeman agreed to allow two wind turbines on his high ground, it was with the promise of tax relief from a $207 million wind farm that now juts from the landscape in far northwest Iowa. But six years after 60 turbines began whirring, the farmer learned Osceola County leaders have been discretely plotting to use that money elsewhere for the next 20 years.
21 Sep 2014

Committee not a fan of wind turbines

The Plan & Zoning Commission voted unanimously Thursday, with the exception of two absent members, against a recommendation to the Board of Adjustment of approval for a special use permit for placing two 445 ft. wind turbines in city limits. ...Stephen Troskey, city planner, said he was worried about potential buyers in that area. "I think there is a well documented decrease in value for those areas around," Troskey said. "I think that's too big of a risk to take with this area of town and such a large structure."
13 Dec 2013

Questions wind farm support

"Government subsidies to new wind farms have only made the industry less focused on reducing cost. In turn, the industry produces a product that isn't as efficient or cheap as it might be if we focused less on working the political system and more on research and development."
26 Oct 2013

They hoped to save thousands, instead they lost it

Bill Haman is from the Iowa Energy Center, an organization that provides information and tools for energy consumers. He said his office has heard from many consumers with the same problem. "There are cases out there where nothing was delivered, but substantial, sometimes over a $100,000 of down payment were made up front," said Haman.
11 Jul 2013

Acciona to lay off near half of factory

Monday marked the second major round of layoffs at the West Branch facility in its six-year history. In 2009, Acciona laid off 58 employees, which was a third of its West Branch workforce. At the time, company officials called it a "short-term issue" due to the sluggish economy, but most or all of those positions never came back.
12 Mar 2013

Siemens laying off half its work force in Hutchinson

Siemens, a German conglomerate, announced Tuesday it is laying off 146 employees at its wind turbine nacelle plant in Hutchinson, leaving just 152 employees there. All told, 615 employees in Siemens' wind power business will lose their jobs. Siemens said the change would primarily affect employees in Iowa, Kansas and Florida.
18 Sep 2012

Major layoffs coming to Fort Madison plant

The biggest cuts will come in Fort Madison, where 407 workers at a wind turbine blade factory will be out of work. About 220 workers there will be retained. The company blamed difficult market conditions due to lack of congressional action on a wind energy tax credit as well as increased use of natural gas-fired power plants and an overall sluggish economy.
18 Sep 2012
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