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BZA has until Monday to file wind farm response; Hamilton Co. judge named to hear case.

Juwi Wind filed a civil suit seeking a judicial review of the BZA’s decision to issue a permit with conditions outside the county’s established wind ordinance. The BZA imposed a 1,500-foot setback from property lines for the placement of wind turbines and required creation of a property value guarantee plan. The complaint alleges the BZA exceeded its authority in placing the conditions on the wind farm development.
12 Oct 2013

Counselor: No Open Door violation; Tipton BZA did break rules about agenda, opinion says.

In a response to the Public Access Counselor, [BZA President Jerry] Acres said the vote taken did not require a public hearing because it merely attempted to clarify an upcoming meeting and set the ground rules. A civil action is pending, filed by juwi Wind against the BZA and Acres, seeking judicial review of the actions at the July 31 meeting. The suit alleges the actions violated Indiana’s Open Door Law.
10 Oct 2013

Plan commission revisits wind turbine controversy -- of a sort

Those who thought they'd heard the last of the words "controversy" and "wind turbine" in the same sentence in Culver, Indiana, may have been surprised at what they heard at last Tuesday's Culver plan commission meeting. To be fair, however, the discussion was congenial and exploratory on all sides, and the issue at hand was not the hotly debated commercial wind turbines banned earlier this year throughout the entire county, but personal Wind Energy Conversion Systems (or WECS). Specifically, the commission debated how -- or if -- to regulate the use of such devices within the corporate limits of Culver and within the wider zoning boundary under the commission's purview.
27 Sep 2013

Tipton debating wind farm approval

The Tipton County Plan Commission is struggling to decide how to site future wind energy developments in the county. The options have been narrowed down: use the existing mechanism, which involves the Board of Zoning Appeals, create overlay districts where wind farms are permitted or rezone property from agricultural to industrial to designate areas where turbines may be built.
23 Sep 2013

Group presents wind farm revision; Tipton committee struggles with setbacks, value guarantees

How far is far enough? As Tipton County attempts to revise its wind ordinance, it is looking to an ad hoc committee to help decide what would be an acceptable setback for a wind turbine. The committee, made up of opponents and proponents of wind energy, presented its recommendations to the Tipton County Plan Commission Thursday, including proposals for noise, shadow flicker and lighting on turbines.
18 Aug 2013

Sharpsville considers wind farm zoning buffer

Wind farm opponents want the town of Sharpsville in northwestern Tipton County to create a 2-mile zoning buffer around the city limits. Supporters of the Tipton County Citizens for Responsible Development approached the Sharpsville Town Council with the proposal. Sharpsville currently has no jurisdiction on zoning matters beyond the town boundary.
15 Aug 2013

County mulls wind ordinance changes; Howard County commissioner says 'Everything is on the table'

Moore said the recommendation will consider setbacks to neighboring properties for the placement of turbines, noise levels and permitted uses. In Howard County, wind farms are allowed in most areas with the only requirement being approval of location improvement permits for each turbine. "Everything is on the table," Moore said. "We are taking into consideration the comments from opponents, leaseholders and working with E.ON."
3 Jul 2013

Zoning board to hear wind request; Tipton Co. developer seeks to change conditions of permit.

In March, the Tipton County BZA approved a conditional use permit for the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm with conditions that included a 1,500-foot setback from the property line of non-participating property owners and a property value guarantee. Juwi Wind on May 23 sought to modify the setback requirement and submitted a property value guarantee plan to the BZA.
26 Jun 2013

Commissioners blow ccmmercial wind turbines out of the county

For nearly an hour the commissioners conducted a public hearing and allowed those in attendance to present new information for their consideration. Dennis Thornton from Bremen said, “I strongly encourage banning commercial wind turbines in Marshall County due to our high population density and known factual, not perceived, negative aspects and dangers of wind turbines.”
21 May 2013

Windy debates: Each Indiana county has a different wind farm standard.

Residents in Howard County have recently begun urging the commissioners to change the setback requirements. Wind farm opponents are seeking a setback of 4,921 feet from non-participating property lines. The Tipton County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the proposed Prairie Breeze Wind Farm planned by juwi Wind with the requirement of a 1,500-foot setback from property lines.
17 May 2013
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