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Fight over proposed wind farm for Fayette, Henry and Rush counties hits courts

The fight against the proposed wind farm project has been picked back up again, by a large group of Fayette County citizens, with the filing late this week at the Fayette County Clerk’s Office of a civil plenary complaint against both the Fayette County Commissioners and NextEra Energy Resources, the energy company behind the Whitewater Wind Farm project.
14 Mar 2016

Wells County wind turbine appeal denied by Indiana Court of Appeals

Special Judge Thomas Hakes of Huntington Circuit Court gave what was in essence a split decision. He said the six couples attempting to have the 6-3 vote of the Area Plan Commission “were not aggrieved” by the APC’s decision to allow Apex Wind Energy to place 68 wind turbines in Harrison, Chester, Nottingham, and Liberty townships. He also said, however, that the reciprocal setbacks provision violated the property rights of three of the six couples that are plaintiffs to the suit.
25 May 2015

Wind farm owner sues Duke Energy Indiana

Many of the details of Duke Energy’s alleged contract breach are redacted in the 23-page complaint. But those that aren’t allege the utility’s actions have resulted in the wind farm “frequently” being forced to curtail operations, causing sharp reductions in the farm’s electrical output and revenue.
27 Dec 2013

Wind farm says Duke violated contract

When bids are too high, MISO’s automated system electronically signals the energy producer—in this case, the Benton County Wind Farm—and tells it to reduce its output. The lawsuit redacts what Duke specifically did, only noting the utility “curtail[ed] electrical production by refusing to offer the Wind Farm’s power to MISO at competitive prices and then refusing to compensate [the wind farm] when the Wind Farm is directed by MISO not to produce power.”
21 Dec 2013
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